Letter From Cairo: Egyptians Full Of Hope

The morning after Mubarak stood down was a brand new day which felt so fresh and exhilarating for so many of us. It was like a weight was lifted from our collective shoulders.

I went with my children to Tahrir to join friends in maybe the first revolutionary clean up in history. Ever since, they have been joining cleaning up and street painting initiatives in our local neighborhood.

Leaflets are being distributed in all areas calling for people not to litter, pay bribes, break traffic laws or harass girls in a campaign to build a cleaner new Egypt. People finally feel a sense of ownership for their country.

There is a feeling of hope in the new Egypt as well as an unsettling feeling that what we are working for will be derailed. Of course all eyes are turned to the unfortunate events in Libya. I thought Mubarak was waging war at his own people (and thank God, the army didn’t comply) but it was nothing compared to what is happening in Libya.

My husband was just saying that it is quite fishy that this is all happening at the same time.

Even though I do not regret taking part in an uprising against an oppressive and corrupt dictator, we have obviously been put into this situation by those who for the last half-century have been propping up these corrupt (and sometimes crazy) regimes; then suddenly withdrawing their support and publicizing their excesses in the international media. Why weren’t the vast family fortunes of these dictators exposed before?

Our economic situation is quite difficult now. We have all been affected in varying degrees, and most feel that this is the time to work hard at building the nation.

I understand that the Illuminati and their associates have sinister plans for the Middle East and the world at large. I just pray that we can recognize their plots in our immediate situation so we can take appropriate action if possible.

I would appreciate any pointers or assistance in this respect. Like I mentioned before, I think it is more complex than just steering away from the Muslim Brotherhood.

I am sure the war is being waged on many fronts and lately there has been lots of talk about removing the mention of God from the Egyptian constitution. Also it is strange that Israel did an about turn from saying democracy is dangerous for Egypt and vehement support for Mubarak to now praising the call for democracy in Egypt.

I have attached an article I wrote for an Australian newspaper which was not published. I just thought you may be interested in how we feel about Egypt and the pride in the very civilized and peace loving Egyptian people as a whole. Many friends told me I spoke for them in this piece.

We hope and pray (and also work as hard as we can) so the very dramatic recent events end up positively and that the plots of the plotters are foiled.

Egypt: The Safest Place to Be

As life is slowly returning to normal in a city which has just witnessed a profound upheaval, something is missing.  At my son’s preschool today a number of his friends were significantly absent: Joseph from Ireland; Cyrus from the US and Louise from Canada. They had all gone back home in the exodus of expats and tourists who were frantically fleeing Egypt in fear of escalation of events which were begun by the January 25th demonstrations.  In fact my parents in Melbourne called me on numerous occasions during the events which rocked the world begging me to hop on a plane with the children and come back home.

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