No Room For Gays In My Cabinet: Jamaica Prime Minister Bruce Golding

The above statement from Jamaica Prime Minister was part of his comments air on the British Broadcasting Corporation [BBC] international show ‘HARDtalk’ which was aired on Tuesday.

What prompted such a statement? Let us go back a bit.

A Canadian gays rights group by the name of Egale Canada had the audacity to issued an ultimatum to the Jamaican government that if by May 17th, the Bruce Golding-led administration does not announce plans to abolish the country’s laws on homosexuality it will hold the country to ransom.

Yup, you hear right folks. A group wants to hold a sovereign country to ransom. If Jamaica do not abolish, repeal, reverse, revoke, cancel, recall, rescind and annul its anti-homosexual legislation, Egale Canada “says it will launch a campaign to ban Jamaican goods in the international marketplace as well as a boycott of tourism” all because the group believes that some of its reggae singers promotes homosexual violence in its songs.

As my late grandmother would say “they carrying a joke too far”. This same group even got some Jamaican music pull from iTunes north American store!

Thank God, common sense prevailed. At least their counterparts in Jamaica didn’t see eye to eye with such a mettlesome strategy.

Now let’s fast forward. After announcing his [Mr Golding] stance and the country’s position on the issue of homosexuality before an international crowd, three things can happen.

  1. An international backlash
  2. Cheers from those who secretly wish they had the guts to stand up against such vindictive actions and
  3. Feedback spilt on both sides
  4. All of the above

As for gays not being a part of his cabinet, he would have to know who is who which at the end of the day is an internal affair and one that does not concern me as much as holding a country to ransom.

Jamaica is not the only Caribbean island to have anti-homosexual laws on its books but because of its influence on the world namely through its music, there is an international campaign to discredit Jamaica image abroad as this would be seem as a major hurdle in removing one of the last strongholds against the lifestyle.

As powerful as gay rights groups are, they still outside of their jurisdiction when it comes to bullying a sovereign country in accepting what they perceived things should be and not what the other party believes should be on their homeground. If gay groups want to dealt with homophobic violence then tackle that issue on its own but in their quest for judgement they prefer an international blockade to disrupt the lives of ordinary Jamaicans and deprive them of bread.

Like a spoilt child, gay groups are vindictive when they can’t get their own way failing to understand that any decision taken against them have nothing to do with them whatsoever but the position the child is taking.

The very idea of a man penis in another man’s bottom that is full of filth, germs and bacteria is in itself disgusting at best but to force persons to accept your way of thinking is interfering in a person’s human right to free speech.

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Bruce Golding

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