“International news, views and happenings around the world.”

Because You Can Handle The Truth!

Bajan Global Report is a blogging and news site. A current affairs newsblog that highlights news in perpective and unique articles from across the world.  A passion for international news has prompted us to create this blog to reflect our interest and hopefully you would come to enjoy this site as well.

 Comments are welcome. Just keep them clean and keep them fresh. Everyone have some knowledge to share.

Contact info – bimchat@live.com

 Bajan Global Report



3 Responses to ABOUT US

  1. hoh says:

    hi there!
    love your banner pic with the coffee cup!
    would like to know where you got yr info, who your sources are.
    sorry but that would legitimise what yr saying and would pass on the credit to those that are and have done the leg work :]
    if you have put it in your post then i apologies and alas have to concede to being visually challenged!

  2. BGR says:

    Hello hoh
    Most if not all [ just in case we forgot to link to some sources] of our articles have their sources listed at the end of the articles or are within the story of themselves.
    Any word that is underlined is a link.

    Thanks for observing.

  3. aestar101 says:

    Cool blog with going global!!!! Be back soon! 😀

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