Sustainable Development Project Launched For Haiti

The United Nations and its partners have launched a 20-year, US$200 million environmental recovery programme in south-west Haiti that aims to benefit more than 200,000 people and show that sustainable rural development, from fisheries to tourism, is indeed practical.  Read more of this post

Anti-UN Protests Spread As Haitians Die Without Aid

Protests against United Nations troops spread to the capital of Port-au-Prince Thursday as growing numbers of Haitians were dying of cholera in the absence of significant aid from the UN or other relief agencies. Read more of this post

Obama To Help Rescue Sudan Peace Deal

A senior Sudanese official on Thursday said Sudan was continuing to work to achieve unity of the country’s north and south and did not believe that southern succession was “inevitable” as U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stated on Wednesday. Read more of this post

CARICOM Describes Slavery As ‘a scar 400 years deep’

Caribbean Community (CARICOM) countries have described the slave trade as a “scar 400 years deep” as the international community on Friday concluded a week of activities commemorating the International Day of Remembrance of Victims of Slavery and the Transatlantic Slave Trade. Read more of this post

“Healthy, Happy and Hot” – Planned Parenthood’s Brochure To Girls Scouts

Warning contains graphic content

The Girl Scouts celebrate their 98th anniversary today (March 12), having been founded by Juliette Low, the former fiancee of Sir Robert Baden Powell, the founder of the Boy Scouts in 1912. Read more of this post

Economic Recovery In Latin America And Caribbean To Be Faster Than Expected

Latin America and the Caribbean will bounce back faster than expected from the global financial crisis, with growth projected at over 4 per cent next year, a regional United Nations agency for economic development announced today.

In its annual report, the UN Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) expects positive growth rates for most countries in the region, but notes there are still doubts about whether the recovery will be sustainable, since external scenarios remain uncertain and could impact the area.

“The worst of the crisis is behind us,” said ECLAC Executive Secretary Alicia B”ena. “The motors of growth have been turned on again, but we don”t know how long the fuel will last.” Read more of this post

Israel Faked Francop Claims – Iran

Israeli photos depicting shipping documents pointing to an alleged Iranian arms delivery to Hezbollah are forgeries, Iranian media claims.

The Israeli army in early November said it unloaded 36 containers of weapons at the Israeli port of Ashdod from the Antigua-flagged vessel Francop.

Thirty tons of weapons, rockets, missiles, hand grenades and ammunition were hidden behind thousands of plastic polyethylene bags, the army said. Read more of this post

‘End Dollar Supremacy’

The United Nations called on Tuesday for a new global reserve currency to end dollar supremacy which has allowed the United States the ‘privilege’ of building a huge trade deficit.

‘Important progress in managing imbalances can be made by reducing the reserve currency country’s ‘privilege’ to run external deficits in order to provide international liquidity,’ UN undersecretary-general for economic and social affairs, Mr Sha Zukang, said.

Speaking at the annual meetings of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank in Istanbul, he said: ‘It is timely to emphasise that such a system also creates a more equitable method of sharing the seigniorage derived from providing global liquidity. Read more of this post

Charges Files Against WHO & UN For Bioterrorism And Intent To Commit Mass Murder

As the anticipated July release date for Baxter’s A/H1N1 flu pandemic vaccine approaches, an Austrian investigative journalist is warning the world that the greatest crime in the history of humanity is underway.

Jane Burgermeister has recently filed criminal charges with the FBI against the World Health Organization (WHO), the United Nations (UN), and several of the highest ranking government and corporate officials concerning bioterrorism and attempts to commit mass murder. She has also prepared an injunction against forced vaccination which is being filed in America. These actions follow her charges filed in April against Baxter AG and Avir Green Hills Biotechnology of Austria for producing contaminated bird flu vaccine, alleging this was a deliberate act to cause and profit from a pandemic.

Summary of claims and allegations filed with FBI in Austria on June 10, 2009 Read more of this post

Opium Poppy Crop Set To Break Records This Year

Photo credit:   Iranian police officials say drug production in Afghanistan has had a 40-fold increase since the US led invasion of the country in 2001.

Afghanistan’s opium poppy crop is set to break all records this year, as grim reports by Iranian sources showed that drug production has reached a new height in the land-locked country.

Instability in the wake of the US invasion is widely believed to be the main reason behind Afghanistan’s booming market for drug production and opium trade. Read more of this post

UN’s Ban Ki Moon Comes To The Defence Of Israel

   A United Nations inquiry concluded that Israel’s military forces carried out direct and intentional strikes on its premises during the assault on Gaza earlier this year. Israel was therefore responsible for the deaths and injuries of UN personnel and civilians, as well as extensive damage to its property.

The inquiry, led by Ian Martin, a former secretary general of Amnesty International, found that the Israel Defence Force (IDF) was “involved in varying degrees of negligence or recklessness with regard to United Nations premises and to the safety of United Nations staff and other civilians within those premises, with consequent deaths, injuries, and extensive physical damage and loss of property.”

This included:

• The deaths of three young men killed by a single IDF missile strike at the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) Asma school in Gaza City. Read more of this post

The G-20 Is The New UN

World markets loved the result of last Thursday’s G-20 summit in London. Stocks soared as the group vowed to regulate hedge funds, agreed to require banks to build capital and promised to provide $1.1 trillion to the International Monetary Fund and other multilateral institutions.

 President Obama and George Soros both called the meeting a “turning point.” Analysts concurred: They told us that, as a result of the gathering, the world had changed “forever,” capitalism would never be the same again and a new era had begun.

Is that so? There was no deal on coordinating economic stimulus plans, the major pre-summit issue, and agreements reached were pale versions of earlier proposals. The post-summit communiqué, the product of months of work by officials from around the world, was both empty and vague. Read more of this post

Israeli Army Ordered To Devise Iran War

As Israeli talks of war on Iran gain momentum, Israel’s military Chief of Staff says the army must prepare for a military aggression.

In a meeting with top US diplomats on Monday, Lt. Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi said Israel could not live with a nuclear Iran and that an Israeli military strike was a “serious” option in retarding the country’s progress.

Ashkenazi — whose request to meet with President Barack Obama and his American counterpart Admiral Mike Mullen was turned down — made the remarks in a meeting with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her designated US envoy to the Persian Gulf, Dennis Ross. The Israeli general and the American hosts discussed the Iranian issue shortly after reports revealed that the Israeli Prime Minister-designate Benjamin Netanyahu plans a “major military confrontation” in the next few months.

Israel, believed by many to be the sole possessor of a nuclear arsenal in the Middle East, says Iran and its nuclear program pose an “existential threat” to Tel Aviv. Under the claim, Israeli officials in the military and the government regularly threaten to launch aerial strikes against Iranian nuclear infrastructure. Tehran is a signatory to the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and, according to the UN nuclear watchdog, has not opted to violate the treaty.

Iran says the only objective of its program is to make use of the civilian applications of the nuclear technology. The US, Israel and their European allies – Britain, France and Germany –, accuse the country of having military intentions in its pursuit.

Ashkenazi added that any final decision on Iran would be made by the government. He, however, said that he had been tasked with drawing up contingency plans since a military operation was a ‘concrete possibility’.


Failure – UN Ten Wasted Years Drug Strategy

Photo credit:

Photo credit:

The UN strategy on drugs over the past decade has been a failure, a European commission report claimed yesterday on the eve of the international conference in Vienna that will set future policy for the next 10 years.

The report came amid growing dissent among delegates arriving at the meeting to finalise a UN declaration of intent.

Referring to the UN’s existing strategy, the authors declared that they had found “no evidence that the global drug problem was reduced”. They wrote: “Broadly speaking, the situation has improved a little in some of the richer countries while for others it worsened, and for some it worsened sharply and substantially, among them a few large developing or transitional countries.”

The policy had merely shifted the problem geographically, they said. “Production and trafficking controls only redistributed activities. Enforcement against local markets failed in most countries.”

Representatives from governments are split in their efforts to formulate an international drugs policy for the next decade. The UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs is due to formulate a strategy over the next two days, but there is widespread disagreement among delegates and a general feeling that an opportunity for a united approach has been lost.

In an article for the Guardian, Mike Trace, chairman of the International Drug Policy Consortium, says: “We’re about to see the international community walk up the political and diplomatic path of least resistance. It will do nothing to help the millions of people around the world whose lives are destroyed by drug markets and drug use. And the depressing thing about it is that we can all book our seats for 2019, to go through this charade again.”


Hamas Grabs UN Supplies At Gunpoint

Armed Hamas police broke into a Gaza City warehouse packed with United Nations humanitarian supplies and seized thousands of blankets and food packages.

It was a rare public clash between the international agency that feeds much of the territory and the militant group that rules it.

The incident also highlighted difficulties facing donors seeking to bypass Hamas while helping Gazans to survive and rebuild after Israel’s punishing military operation. In New York, UN deputy spokeswoman Marie Okabe said the UN Relief and Works Agency “condemned in the strongest terms” the confiscation of its aid supplies. The UN demanded the items be returned, but they remained with Hamas yesterday.

The policemen took 3500 blankets and over 400 food parcels ready for distribution to 500 families, said UNRWA spokesman Christopher Gunness.

“They were armed. They seized this. They took it by force.”

The seizure took place after UNRWA staff refused to hand over the aid supplies to the Hamas-run Ministry of Social Affairs, he said. Similar aid packages were distributed to 70,000 residents over the past two weeks.



Rihanna And Gucci Team Up

Barbados Rihanna has become the new face of fashion house Gucci – as part of a charity campaign.
The Umbrella hitmaker has been named as the spokeswoman for the company’s new scheme with UNICEF – which will see a variety of limited edition products sold to raise money for good causes.
And she will appear in a new series of adverts to promote the Tattoo Heart campaign. The singer also supports her own charity The Believe Foundation, which she set up in 2006.

Source: Contact Music

Leave Corporal Punishment Alone!


Corporal punishment: A global view written by Mr Farley an educator and secondary school principal in the  Nation’s Sunday Sun lay out a fairly well case on behalf of teachers locally by looking at the consequences globally that follows when corporal punishment is stripped away from teacher’s authority.

As rightly indicated in his article corporal punishment is the sole responsibility of the principal/head teacher. [Education Act, Cap. 41].They in turn can delegate that responsibility to seniors teachers. Being that the case most heads prefer not to do the job mandated to them under the law for fear of a cutlass chop by an over zealous parent! Nevertheless there is an old saying that if it ain’t broken why fix it. So what the hell is Minister of Education Mr Jones advocating by stating that “society should eliminate that form of discipline altogether.” Did Mr Jones had a bad case of corporal punishment during his childhood? What right does the Minister have in stripping away parental and teacher rights in administer disciple when see fit? Do we have a high incidence of child abuse in our schools due to corporal punishment? Bring the evidence. Every organisation  have policies to governed  its “downline”, schools ought to be no different. Read more of this post

UN: Any Attack On Iran Will Spark Fireball In Region

The United Nations nuclear watchdog has warned that a military strike on Iran to prevent it developing atomic weapons would turn the region into a “fireball”.

Mohamed ElBaradei said unilateral military action, which has not been ruled out by Israel or the US, would push the Islamic republic into a “crash course” of developing nuclear weapons and threatened to resign if an attack took place.

“What I see in Iran today is a current, grave and urgent danger,” said Mr ElBaradei. “If a military strike is carried out against Iran at this time … it would make me unable to continue my work.” Read more of this post

Solution To Food Crisis – Feed Chickens And Pigs Animal Parts!!!

An idiotic measure to dealt with the food crisis on the world markets is finding favour with the European Union in the form of the European Food Safety Authority.

If certain interests have its way the EU ban on feeding livestock animal parts could be remove in order to shore up grain for  humans.

The ban was imposed because of a deadly outbreak of mad cow disease in Britain in 1996.

But now Europeans emotions are being manipulated into accepting the fact that it is “morally and ethically

to be destroying this food when people are starving?.”

A Professor Wall insisted that it is now safe to lift the ban. His reasoning?

“Soya meal and other grain prices are going through the roof. No one I know is worried about the science. There is only concern about consumer reaction.”

Someone ought to be worry. Exposing persons to a possible scenario described above is a deadly game!.

Am I then to understand that these animals are eating better than human beings?. Or does not common sense tells me that the grain given to the animals in the first place would be the type not suitable for human consumption?  Who will be receiving this grain, the poorest of the poor?

Have common sense finally gone out through the door on the issue of food security?

I guess reducing ethanol production is out of the question!

Further reading – BSE Food Ban Should Be Lifted To Cut Grain Prices, Says EU Food Chief

See related articles – UN World Food Program Credibility At Stake? Agency Cries Provety Whilst Sitting On $1.22b!!!

                                  Food Crisis – International Answer Needed

France Pushing For Worldwide Decriminalising Of Homosexuality

As if holding Jamaica to ransom is not good enough because of its position not to repeal anti-gay laws, France is set on submitting an initiative to the United Nations to push for homosexuality to be decriminalised around the world when it takes over the rotating 6 month presidency in July.

Their excuse is the never ending stubbornness of countries worldwide where homosexuality remains a crime on the statue books. Like India for example where I am yet to hear Egale Canada bringing that country to its knees by calling for an international boycott of its goods and tourism as well but feels justified in going after a small island.

Instead of addressing the problem head on, the thought of forcing countries to decriminalised homosexuality may seem the likely choice to stop gay violence but fail to addressed the other side of the coin. Read more of this post

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