Tokyo Citizens In Panic Buy Bottled Water As Faucets Spew Radiation

In the aftermath of the Fukushima nuclear power plant catastrophe, radiation levels are now rising in Tokyo’s water supply, Read more of this post

Radiation From Fukushima Would Take 7 Days To Reach U.S

“You can calculate how long the release of a radiation would take to cross the Pacific from Japan to the U.S. by choosing different speeds that the radioactive particles might be moving Read more of this post

Winds Blowing Japanese Radioactivity Over Pacific Ocean

Winds are now dispersing radioactive material from the Japanese nuclear crisis over the Pacific Ocean, away from Japan and other Asian countries, the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) said Tuesday. Read more of this post

8.9 Earthquake And Tsunami Hits Japan 53 Countries on Alert!

An 8.9-magnitude earthquake struck Japan’s northeastern coast around 0546 GMT on Friday. Read more of this post

Massive 7.8 Earthquake Hits Northern Sumatra, Indonesia

A massive earthquake has rocked Northern Sumatra – in Indonesia – measuring 7.8 on the Richter scale Read more of this post

Food Finally Reaches Chile’s Tsunami Zone

After five days, supplies are finally reaching Chileans stranded without food or water in tsunami-hit Constitucion. Read more of this post

Tsunami In Hawaii Peaks At 1 metre (3Ft)

The tsunami generated by the massive Chilean earthquake brought waves peaking at about 1 metre in the Hawaiian Islands, where alerts were cancelled later Saturday. Read more of this post

Hawaii Brace Itself For Massive Tsunami





650 AM HST SAT FEB 27 2010 Read more of this post

Chile 8.8 Earthquake Sends Tsunami Barreling Towards Hawaii!

A massive earthquake has devastated Chile killing at least 78 people and sending a tsunami as fast a JET PLANE sweeping across the globe. Read more of this post

US: We Will ‘Occupy’ Haiti Long Term

Despite criticism for the US military presence in quake-stricken Haiti, Washington says it has a long-term plan to stay in the country. Read more of this post

Chavez: US ‘Weapon’ Caused Haiti Quake

Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez Wednesday accused the United States of causing the destruction in Haiti by testing a ‘tectonic weapon’ to induce the catastrophic earthquake that hit the country last week. Read more of this post

The International Rescue Operation’s Priorities In Haiti

“The contempt we have been taught to entertain for blacks, make us fear many things that are founded neither in reason nor experience.” – Alexander Hamilton in letter to John Hay, 1799.

“Only those who hate the black population, see hatred in blacks” – José Martí, Montecristi Manifesto, 1895 Read more of this post

Why The US Own Haiti Billions?

Why does the US owe Haiti Billions?  Colin Powell, former US Secretary of State, stated his foreign policy view as the “Pottery Barn rule.”  That is – “if you break it, you own it.” Read more of this post

Disaster Capitalism Heading To Haiti

Haiti In her book, “The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism,” Naomi Klein explores the myth of free market democracy, explaining how neoliberalism dominates the world with America its main exponent exploiting security threats, terror attacks, economic meltdowns, competing ideologies, tectonic political or economic shifts, and natural disasters to impose its will everywhere. Read more of this post

HAITI: No One Expected The ‘Big’ One

Marjorie Louis was sitting in her kitchen eating dinner when she felt the house shaking, but she didn’t get up. Read more of this post

Tsunami Watch Cancelled – Haiti Appeal For International Aid

A tsunami watch for the Northern Caribbean, issued after a 7.0 magnitude earthquake shook Haiti this evening (January 12th 2009), has been cancelled. Read more of this post

Haiti Earthquake – Thousands Feared Dead

Frantic rescue efforts are underway to free people trapped in the rubble after a massive 7.0 magnitude earthquake hit the Caribbean nation of Haiti. Read more of this post

Tsunami Fears After Haiti 7.3 Earthquake

A major earthquake has struck the Caribbean island of Haiti – placing the region on tsunami watch. Read more of this post

Int’l Rescue Teams Leave Padang Indonesia

Relief workers struggled to reach Indonesian quake survivors still without food or shelter a week after the disaster, while foreign rescue teams packed up their high-tech equipment on Wednesday and prepared to pull out.

Aid has been pouring into the shattered West Sumatran city of Padang since the Sept 30 earthquake, but the scale of the disaster, heavy rain and damaged infrastructure have meant it has been slow to reach outlying areas. Read more of this post

Caribbean Tsunami A Possibility – Says Expert

A United Nations climate expert has pointed to the possibility of a tsunami hitting the Caribbean region.

Although not saying it would necessarily happen, Executive Secretary of the United Nations Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission, Peter Koltermann told dozens of regional participants at a special meeting in Panama that the likelihood of such an event was “probable”.

“The situation in the Indian Ocean was similar to the Caribbean. Nobody believed it would happen, but it happened,” he said, noting that Panama’s interoceanic canal could be vulnerable to a sea surge from an underwater earthquake.

Mr Koltermann made the point as Caribbean governments agreed at the meeting – the third session of the Intergovernmental Coordination Group for the Tsunami and Other Coastal Hazards Warning System for the Caribbean and Adjacent Regions – to set up a joint tsunami warning centre by the year 2010. The new system will replace the temporary service being provided by the Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre.

The UN official said this would provide an early warning system to prevent the loss of lives and property which a tsunami would cause.

Barbados, Puerto Rico and Venezuela have been identified as possible hosts for the centre which is projected to have a US$250, 000 annual budget.

The most recent tsunamis in the Caribbean occurred in the San Blas Islands of Panama in 1882, Puerto Rico in 1918 and the Dominican Republic in 1946.

{Adapted from International Press Reports}

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