Britain’s Royals Join Facebook

They are already regular users of Twitter and YouTube .. but now Britain’s royal family is setting up its own Facebook page. Read more of this post


Twitter Unveils A New User Friendly Website

Twitter unveiled a new Web site on Tuesday that it hopes will be user friendly. Read more of this post

The Saga Continues:Facebook Shared Personal Data With Advertisers Without User Consent

Facebook, the giant social network now under fire over its privacy practices, has been sending personal information to online advertising companies without its users’ consent, according to a Harvard Business School professor who filed a letter of complaint with the Federal Trade Commission Thursday. Read more of this post

Google Wave Now Open To All

Google has opened Wave to the general public after eight months of invitation-only beta testing. Read more of this post

Facebook Releases New Login Security Features Over Privacy Concerns

Facing a growing firestorm over its privacy policies in the wake of its plans to work its identity system into the underlying fabric of the Internet, Facebook responds the way it always does: by releasing new features. Read more of this post

Companies Exploiting Socially-networked Children To Push Junk Food Like Drug Dealers

In response to recent bans on junk food advertising in the U.K., junk food manufacturers like Fanta, which is part of Coca-Cola, have found a loophole to the restriction. Read more of this post

Facebook Gone Rogue Time For An Alternative

Facebook has gone rogue, drunk on founder Mark Zuckerberg’s dreams of world domination. It’s time the rest of the web ecosystem recognizes this and works to replace it with something open and distributed. Read more of this post

Google Trumps The Competition – Add Facebook To Real Time Search

The reports have emerged that Google has finally done a deal with Facebook which will see Facebook content emerging in Google’s real time search. Read more of this post

Google Takes Another Step Towards Turning Into Microsoft

If, like millions of others, you use Gmail, Google’s webmail service, you will have been startled last week by the sudden appearance of a cuckoo in your email nest. Read more of this post

Google Buzzing To Get A Greater Grip

Determined to put the rest of the globe’s Internet companies out of business, Google is now stepping on the toes of social networking websites Facebook and Twitter by launching its own service, named Buzz. Read more of this post

‘Huge Deal’ As Twitter Finally Turns Profit

Twitter has reached profitability after signing deals with Google and Microsoft to make the micro-blogging service searchable on the internet, BusinessWeek magazine reported.

BusinessWeek, which was bought in October by financial news agency Bloomberg, said Twitter had signed a $US15 million ($16.8 million) data-mining deal with Google and a $US10 million agreement with Microsoft.

See more: Tech News/Media

CIA To Start Spying On Social Media?

social-media www.irisassociates.comVisible Technologies, a company that monitors online social activity and packages the findings for clients, has forged a “strategic partnership” with In-Q-Tel, the CIA’s not-for-profit investment arm, to give the organization insight into social media.

The deal was first reported on Monday (19 Oct) by Wired.

According to Visible Technologies, In-Q-Tel is also investing in the company through a “technology development agreement.” It did not release more details than that. However, examining Visible Technologies’ work may offer insight into what In-Q-Tel has in mind. Read more of this post

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