Aruba Self Service Check-In First For Caribbean Airport

The Common Use Self Service [CUSS] is a check-in kiosk allowing passengers to check in and print their own boarding passes.

Passengers from different airlines are able to share a single kiosk for check-in themselves.

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The start screen shows the logos of all participating airlines. The passenger selects his airline on the touch screen to start the check-in software of that airline. He then identifies himself with a passport or credit card and performs the check-in. After printing his boarding pass, he can proceed to a baggage drop-off point where his boarding pass is scanned and the required number of baggage tags is printed and attached to the luggage.

Although many airports and airlines all over the world have implemented self service check-in kiosks, Aruba’s airport is the first airport in the Caribbean to have this service.


US Navy Patrols In Venezuela Waters Rattles Chavez

A few days ago after after violating Venezuela air space, the Pentagon has announced that it will reactivated the Navy’s fourth fleet to patrol Venezuela waters.


That’s right folks. The US navy is gearing up their patrols in the area. Of course Chavez will have something to say about that.

“They don’t scare us in the least. If a North Atlantic Treaty Organization [NATO] exists, why can’t a SATO exist, a South Atlantic Treaty Organization?” Read more of this post


Local rice distributor in Barbados,  Lionel C. Hill is up in arms on the Government failure to meet with them  regarding the removal of import duties on bulk rice.

Hill chairman of the company and his son , managing director Richard Ashby issued an ultimatum to Government to meet with them in seven days, failing that the company will have no choice but to dismiss 17 workers in the rice production area.

Another distributor Simplex Trading also had to lay off workers.

The problem arose with the former BLP administration removing duties on pre-packaged rice. Bulk rice was not included.

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