Mottley Ousted, Owen Leads Again BLP Gears Up For Elections

Owen Arthur has been sworn in as Leader of the Opposition. Read more of this post

18 Signs That America Is Rotting Right In Front Our Eyes

Sometimes it isn’t necessary to quote facts and figures about government debt, unemployment and the trade deficit in order to convey how badly America is decaying. Read more of this post

US To Sell Israel Massive Military Fuel Stocks Worth $2 bn – More Than Normal

On Aug. 6, the US Defense Security Cooperation Agency, DSCA, informed Congress of the sale to Israel of 60 million gallons of unleaded gasoline, 284 million gallons of JP-8 aviation jet fuel and 100 million gallons of diesel fuel at an estimated cost of two billion dollars. Read more of this post

Palestinians Should Perish From This World: Ovadia Yosef

Just ahead of renewed peace talks between Israel and the Palestine, an influential Israeli spiritual leader has denounced the move, dubbing the Palestinians and their leader “an evil and bitter enemies of Israel” who should ” perish from this world.” Read more of this post

The Stunning Decline Of Barack Obama

The last few weeks have been a nightmare for President Obama, in a summer of discontent in the United States which has deeply unsettled the ruling liberal elites, so much so that even the Left has begun to turn against the White House. Read more of this post

WHO Advisors Who Warned Of Swine Flu Epidemic That Never Was Tied To Drug Firms

A third of the experts advising the World Health Organisation about the swine flu pandemic had ties to drugs firms, it has emerged. Read more of this post

Wyclef Jean To Run For President Of Haiti

Haitian-born hip hop artiste  Wyclef Jean is about to officially confirm his decision to run in the November 28th presidential race to lead the country of his birth. Read more of this post

The Blind Leading The Blind? Who is Leading The Ministry Of Finance?

A dagger of immense proportions was driven through the heart of our Constitutional arrangements last Thursday night, when for close on 90 minutes of prime time television, Senator Darcy Boyce, and as such, an unelected member of Parliament, and Minister of State in the Ministry of Finance, lead spoke to the country on matters of finance! Read more of this post

BP To Drill Off Coast Of Libya

The oil giant BP will start drilling off the Libyan coast soon, amid intense pressure over the company’s involvement with the Lockerbie case. Read more of this post

‘Israel Convinces US With Credible Military Plan On Iran’

Have Israel’s efforts to convince the US to threaten Iran with a credible military option paid off? According to recent media reports, the answer might be yes. Read more of this post

Australian PM Announces Snap Election

Australia’s new prime minister has announced snap elections to be held next month. Read more of this post

Two Percent To Haiti Not Enough

A fake Internet website caused a stir for at least 24 hours when it purported to be a government of France website announcing that the government “is repaying the historic debt of 90 million gold francs Haiti paid to France following the former’s independence at the dawn of the 19th century”. Read more of this post

US Warships Cause Anger In Costa Rica

Costa Rica has allowed 46 US warships and 7,000 Marines to enter the country despite objection by the opposition parties, which describe the move as “illegal.” Read more of this post

Chavez Accuses US Of Military Moves During World Cup (2010)

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez accused US forces Friday of making nefarious moves in places like Iran and North Korea as the World Cup captures the attention of fans around the globe. Read more of this post

New African State?

U.S. Vice-President Joe Biden will attend the opening of the Football World Cup in South Africa. Read more of this post

Greece – Now 2 Million Public Servants On Strike In Spain – Italy Next

Nearly 2 million Spanish state employees have stopped work in anger over government spending cuts that will see them lose about 5 per cent of their salary. Read more of this post

32 US States Brankrupt Must Borrowed For Unemployment Payments!!!

According to 32 US states have run out of funds to make unemployment benefit payments. The end result is that the federal government has been supplying these states with funds so that they can make their  payments to the unemployed. Read more of this post

Cameron: “I Will Enpower UK Jews”

David Cameron this week (Thursday5th April 2010) insisted a Conservative government would do “much more to protect and empower the Jewish community” and described learning about his Jewish ancestors as one of the highlights of his year. Read more of this post

Germans Play Hardball As Euro Crisis Reaches Spain

Fears that the Greek debt crisis could be contagious have grown with the news that the credit agency Standard & Poor has downgraded Spain’s debt to AA from AA+ and Portugal’s to A-. It followed the downgrading of Greek debt to ‘junk’ status, essentially freezing the country out of credit markets. Read more of this post

Huge UK Medics’ Jobs Under Threat After Elections

Thousands of doctors and nurses face the sack after the election under devastating cuts being planned by NHS bureaucrats, according to two studies. Read more of this post

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