FIFA Jack Warner Keeps His Two Jobs

Austin ‘Jack’ Warner will hold on to both his job in the Trinidad and Tobago Cabinet and his position on the executive of world football governing body, FIFA. Read more of this post

FIFA Jack Warner Spellbound After Meeting Obama

“I was able to see his daughter play football, they call it socer,on the lawns of the White House. I saw where he (Obama) dines with his family, where he holds his press conferences …..I am spellbound,” he said.

Trinidad Express reports that FIFA President Sepp Blatter and  FIFA vice president Jack Warner were treated to a tour of the White House before sitting down and having a gentleman’s chat with Obama. This chat discuss issues of tertiary education, ‘sports and the US bid to host the 2018 World Cup.’ Read more of this post

FIFA Vice-President Jack Warner Narrowly Escape Death From China Earthquake

On Thursday 29th 2007 Barbados experience a 5.0 earthquake that was felt as far as Peurto Rico in the North to Venezuela in the South. For some it was a frightening experience. A wake up call. One house in St.George was extensively damage at the base. For days Barbadians traded stories on What, Where, When, Why and How. Experts and ordinary citizens voice their opinions as to what measures Barbadians should take in the likelihood of a repeat.

So are we better off today than 6 mths before. Can Barbados handle a massive 7.8 earthquake? Do we have a mass evacuation plan in place for persons displace by such?. What open areas can we used ‘house’ persons who have lost their homes to an earthquake? During the 2007 World cup Cricket, it was stressed that the emergencies services were capable to handle any unforseenable events. Are those systems still in place but more importantly are there ‘up to stracth’. Like for a 7.8 magnitude earthquake?. 

We have heard of stolen/missing hospital supplies. Will there be enought emergency supplies to go around?. What we are asking about folks is, is there any contingency plans in place?. Or have we not learn anything from the Brittons Hill cavein?.

Having survived a narrow escape from death as a result of a 7.8 earthquake in China on Monday afternoon, FIFA Vice President and Trinidad MP Jack Warner noted,

“After this experience in a large country like China which is supposedly prepared for calamities like this and to see what they are going through now, I am convinced more than ever that in my country Trinidad… we are not prepared for such a disaster. And it is one of the first things I intend to bring up at my next Parliament meeting.”  

Is Barbados prepare?.    Read more of this post

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