The Threat Of Rising Food Prices

This is as much a part of what’s wrong with our financial sector as the Greek and Irish debt crises. Read more of this post

Greece – Now 2 Million Public Servants On Strike In Spain – Italy Next

Nearly 2 million Spanish state employees have stopped work in anger over government spending cuts that will see them lose about 5 per cent of their salary. Read more of this post

BDS Dollar Devaluation Near??? Is Pressure Cooker Lid About To Be Blown Skyhigh?

A quick overview of the Barbadian economy with its hight debt in ratio to its GPD (gross domestic product – what a country owes & what its produces) by the blogger  over  at Brance Space, is a receipt for disaster unless Barbados change course and change course fast. Read more of this post

Nicolas Sarkozy Threatened To Pull Out Of Euro Over Greece Row

The French President slammed his fist on the table while making the threat to tear to apart the EU last Friday at a crisis summit of euro zone leaders, diplomatic sources have confirmed. Read more of this post

Gold Near $1250/oz Second Straight Record

The price of gold continues to hit all-time highs as unnerved investors seek a safe alternative to currencies clobbered by Europe’s financial crisis and growing worries about sovereign debt. Read more of this post

Chaos!!! – Euro Leaders Try To Stem Panic As Greek Crisis Goes Global

European leaders moved last night to shore up confidence amid chaos on global stock markets as the Greek debt crisis looked like spiralling out of control. Read more of this post

Oil Falls Below $80, Eurozone Debt In Focus

Oil fell further below $80 a barrel on Thursday, after earlier hitting a six-week low as fears a Greek-style debt crisis may spread to other European nations raised uncertainty over future global energy demand. Read more of this post

Germans Play Hardball As Euro Crisis Reaches Spain

Fears that the Greek debt crisis could be contagious have grown with the news that the credit agency Standard & Poor has downgraded Spain’s debt to AA from AA+ and Portugal’s to A-. It followed the downgrading of Greek debt to ‘junk’ status, essentially freezing the country out of credit markets. Read more of this post

Greece Warns Speculators As It Races For Bailout

A resolute Greek finance minister warned investors Sunday that they would “lose their shirts” betting on the country’s economic collapse, as he insisted a massive bailout would come in time to avoid default. Read more of this post

Germany Unaware Of Greek Bailout

Germany’s Finance Ministry yesterday said it was not aware of any agreement by eurozone members to bail out heavily indebted Greece, and the EU’s executive said no such deal had been concluded. Read more of this post

Greece Could Sell Islands To Cut Debt – German MPs

Greece should consider selling some of its islands as one option to reduce debt, two members of the German parliament in Chancellor Angela Merkel’s centre-right coalition said. Read more of this post

Rothschild’s Secret “Solution” to Greek “Problem”

A friend of mine who is a now a disilusioned high ranking member of the Jewish Freemasonry in Budapest has told me what is coming regarding the Greek crisis. Read more of this post

The Euro Will Face Bigger Tests Than Greece

Otmar Issing, one of the fathers of the euro, correctly states the principle on which the single currency was founded.As he wrote in the FT last week, the euro was meant to be a monetary union but not a political one. Read more of this post

Goldman Faces Legal Action If Lenders Were Mislead Over Greece

Giant investment bank Goldman Sachs could face legal action if lenders to the Greek government were misled about the state of the country’s finances, some experts say. Read more of this post

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