Regional Countries Vulnerable To Food Price Hikes

Like two sides of the same worn coin, the spiraling costs of food stuffs across the globe have raised the spectrum of a new food crisis in some Caribbean countries while simultaneously benefitting most others in Latin America with windfall profits, said the region’s top World Bank officials. Read more of this post

Barbados Concerned About High Food Import Bill

A senior government official is concerned about Barbados‘s high food import bill, stressing that every effort will be made to boost local agricultural production. Read more of this post

Solution To Food Crisis – Feed Chickens And Pigs Animal Parts!!!

An idiotic measure to dealt with the food crisis on the world markets is finding favour with the European Union in the form of the European Food Safety Authority.

If certain interests have its way the EU ban on feeding livestock animal parts could be remove in order to shore up grain for  humans.

The ban was imposed because of a deadly outbreak of mad cow disease in Britain in 1996.

But now Europeans emotions are being manipulated into accepting the fact that it is “morally and ethically to be destroying this food when people are starving?.”

A Professor Wall insisted that it is now safe to lift the ban. His reasoning?

“Soya meal and other grain prices are going through the roof. No one I know is worried about the science. There is only concern about consumer reaction.”

Someone ought to be worry. Exposing persons to a possible scenario described above is a deadly game!.

Am I then to understand that these animals are eating better than human beings?. Or does not common sense tells me that the grain given to the animals in the first place would be the type not suitable for human consumption?  Who will be receiving this grain, the poorest of the poor?

Have common sense finally gone out through the door on the issue of food security?

I guess reducing ethanol production is out of the question!

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                                  Food Crisis – International Answer Needed

Africa And India Team Up To Ensure Food Security

India and Africa vowed yesterday to strive together for food security and called on the western world to rethink diverting huge food stocks for bio fuel, creating shortages and driving up prices in poorer countries.

Rising food and oil prices threaten many African economies and are a headache for Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s government, which faces national elections next year.

The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) warned yesterday that high food prices and shortages would continue in the short term, making some poorer countries vulnerable to food riots.

While the move to turn food into bio fuel has benefited a handful of grain-surplus African countries such as Uganda, speakers at the {2 day }summit {in New Delhi India} blamed the tactic for skyrocketing prices and shortages.

“It is a challenge in the sense that there is this problem of shortage of food in a number of countries and there is a problem of high prices,” Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete, Tanzanian president and head of the African Union, said.

“These days the farms have been put to bio fuel production creating a shortage of food and therefore creating a problem of high prices.” He said Africa just needed to solve its agricultural production problems to produce enough that could not only feed the continent, but also provide for the world.

{Adapted from International Press Reports}

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