US Food Safety Bill Grants FDA Authority To Police Food Safety Of Foreign Nations

Of all the talk about S.510, virtually no one has actually read the language in the bill — especially not those lawmakers who voted for it. The more you read from this bill, the more surreal it all becomes.

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Lawsuit Over Deceptive Vitaminwater Claims To Proceed

A federal judge has denied Coca-Cola’s motion to dismiss a lawsuit over what the Center for Science in the Public Interest says are deceptive and unsubstantiated claims on the company’s “vitaminwater” line of soft drinks. Read more of this post

FDA Approves Stem Cells For Humans

The Food and Drug Administration has given approval to the cloning company Geron to undertake the world’s first trial of embryonic stem cell-based therapy in humans. Read more of this post

Google And Yahoo Lobby FDA On Drug Advertising

pillsIn what sounds like a very unhealthy union, Internet giants like Google and Yahoo are teaming up with the multibillion dollar pharmaceutical industry in the US to lobby federal regulators into removing restrictions and making it that much easier to advertise and flog drugs online.

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Urgent Lawsuit Filed Against FDA To Halt Swine Flu Vaccines; Claims FDA Violated Federal Law!!!

Health freedom attorney Jim Turner is filing a lawsuit in Washington D.C. mid-day Friday in an urgent effort to halt the distribution of the swine flu vaccine in America. On behalf of plaintiffs Dr. Gary Null and other licensed health care workers of New York State, the lawsuit charges that the FDA violated the law in its hasty approval of four swine flu vaccines by failing to scientifically determine neither the safety nor efficacy of the vaccines.

“The suit will seek an injunction against the FDA from approving the vaccine,” attorney Jim Turner told NaturalNews on Thursday evening’s Natural News Talk Hour show. “And the core of the argument is that they have not done the proper safety and efficacy tests on the vaccine to allow it to be release at this time.”

The suit seeks to not only nullify the FDA’s unlawful “approval” of the four H1N1 influenza vaccines, but to also ask the court to issue an injunction that would halt any mandatory vaccination requirements. Read more of this post

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