German TV Exposes The Horrors Of Toxic GM Soy

Widespread environmental pollution; poisoning and contamination of agriculture; countless injuries, deformities, and deaths in humans — these and many other horrific events Read more of this post

Toxic Cloud May Be Responsible For Fish And Bird Deaths

It is alarming the number of excuses being given for the animals that have been dropping dead since New Year’s Eve; washing ashore; and falling from the skies. Read more of this post

World Map Of Mysterious Animal Deaths


Graeme Hall Nature Trails 1 Day Opening

One Day Only

All Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary Exhibits and Trails

Open to Public on Saturday, January 29, 2011

Time:  9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

[Christ Church, BARBADOS]   On Saturday, January 29, 2011, all exhibits and interpretive walkways through the mangroves and upland areas at Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary will be open to the public.

This event is for one day only.

The exhibits and trail system have been closed to the public for the past two years.  The exhibits include two walk-in, free flight aviaries that are among the largest in the world, and the network of interpretative trails contain well-researched information about the culture, history and biology of the Graeme Hall Wetland.

Admission on January 29th will be Bds. $5.00 for adults and $2.00 for children under 12.

The 35-acre Sanctuary is one of the finest examples of the natural heritage of Barbados and is part of the 81-acre RAMSAR wetland approved under the international Convention on Wetlands.

More information about the Sanctuary can be found at .

Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary Student Essay Contest



Student Essay Contest Announced

$4,000 in Cash Prizes will be Awarded for Best Environmental Essays


[Christ Church, BARBADOS, November 30, 2010] The first Annual Environmental Essay Contest for students ages 9-18 was announced today by the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary.

Sponsored by the Canada-Barbados Environmental Youth Awards Programme (CBEYA), the Essay Contest promises $4,000 in cash prizes for the top six winners, plus gift certificates for Honorable Mention winners.

It is an opportunity for students to develop and write their thoughts about the importance of the environment to Barbados, and an opportunity for the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary to provide public service.  Entry to the CBEYA Essay Contest requires an essay of 300-500 words, and the student writer must obtain the sponsorship of a teacher.

The Contest deadline is February 19, 2011, and the winners will be invited to a special awards ceremony in March, 2011.

More information and the Official Rules and Entry Form can be found at

Anti-UN Protests Spread As Haitians Die Without Aid

Protests against United Nations troops spread to the capital of Port-au-Prince Thursday as growing numbers of Haitians were dying of cholera in the absence of significant aid from the UN or other relief agencies. Read more of this post

Haitians Barricades Streets Continued In Protest Of UN Source Of Cholera Outbreak

Protests are continuing in Haiti over the cholera outbreak that has now killed more than 1,100 people and infected some 17,000. Read more of this post

Vincentian Welectricity Initiative Wins GE Award

Welectricity, a social network created in St Vincent and that Grenadines, that helps users track and reduce their electricity consumption at home, has been named by General Electric (GE) as one of the 10 award-winners of their global Ecomagination Smart Grid Challenge. Read more of this post

DLP Seeks IDB Help In Shaking Up Ministry Of Agriculture

Coming on the heels of a previous digital article where it was stated the Minister of Agriculture Haynesley Benn “is operating in an environment in which people had a particular way of carrying out operations, and are not perpared to change” Read more of this post

Caribbean Energy Innovator Welectricity In Global Challenge

Welectricity, an innovative, award-winning social network that helps users track and reduce their electricity consumption at home – the brainchild of a Vincentian energy consultant – is Read more of this post

Iranians Discover Blindness Gene

For the first time in the world, Iranian scientists have succeeded in discovering the gene responsible for a common type of blindness, prevalent in North Eastern parts of the country. Read more of this post

Pakistan Flood Assessments Reveal ‘Bleak’ Picture, Huge Needs

The picture that Christian relief groups have been painting of southern Pakistan following the region’s massive flooding has been bleak with at least one describing the needs there as “huge.” Read more of this post

Indonesia’s 400 Year Old Volcano Erupts Thousands Flee

A volcano erupted spectacularly on the Indonesian island of Sumatra early yesterday morning, sending plumes of ash, sand and steam 1500 metres into the sky and prompting the evacuation of 12,000 nearby residents. Read more of this post

Chile’s Football Girls Dedicate Gold Medal To Trapped Miners

Chile’s girl footballers dedicated their gold medal from the Singapore inaugural Youth Olympic Games to 33 miners trapped in a goldmine in northern Chile, saying their braveness gave them the spirit to win the final. Read more of this post

Artifical Meat Necessary To Feed Global Population Holy Cow!!!

Artificial meat grown in vats may be needed if the 9 billion people expected to be alive in 2050 are to be adequately fed without destroying the earth, some of the world’s leading scientists report today. Read more of this post

US Cattle ‘Cloned From Dead Animals’

We already know that cloned beef has entered the food supply both in the United States (…) and the UK (…). Read more of this post

Ecuador Earthquake Tops 6.9

A powerful earthquake shook the South American nation of Ecuador on Thursday, but there were no reports of damage or injuries. Read more of this post

WHO: H1N1 Pandemic Is Over

The World Health Organisation has confirmed the H1N1 outbreak is now in the post-pandemic period, effectively declaring the alert over.  Read more of this post

Ecopetrol To Buyout BP Colombian Business

BP has agreed to sell its oil and gas exploration business in Colombia. Read more of this post

B’dos Farmers Shell Finally Reach Deal On Oil Spill

After 15 years, Shell oil company and Christ Church farmers angered by an aviation fuel leak on their lands have finally settled the issue of compensation. Read more of this post

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