B’dos PM Thompson Returns Home

Prime Minister David Thompson is back in Barbados three weeks after flying to New York to seek medical treatment, but he is not yet back on the job. It’s unclear when he will resume duties. Read more of this post

Barbados PM Thompson Diagnosed With Cancer

It has been confirmed that Barbados’  Prime Minister David Thompson is suffering from  pancreatic cancer. But his personal doctor,  Richard Ishmael, has reported that the Barbadian leader is responding to treatment and is physically well enough to continue leading the country. Read more of this post

Barbados Government Preparing For Rainy Day

The Barbados Government is taking a number of steps, including negotiating multiple loans, to cushion the effect on the island’s critical sectors if the global recession deepens.

In light of the uncertain economic outlook, Minister of Economic Affairs and Empowerment, Innovation, Trade, Industry and Commerce Dr David Estwick says government has initiated ‘A Short and Medium Term Action Plan ‘formulated by a Special Working Group on the Economy, to outline a “road map for the development and implementation of several policy initiatives to stabilise the economy”.

Among the proposals to be undertaken by government are measures to improve the level of competitiveness and to maximise the opportunities which may emerge from the crisis; the provision of resources to assist the productive sectors in riding out the current period; and the allocation of a fiscal stimulus to sustain economic activity and safeguard jobs.  Read more of this post

PM David Thompson Meets Chinese Delegation

A delegation of Chinese officials met yesterday with Prime Minister David Thompson and other local businessmen at his official residence Ilaro Court.

The group from Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) discussed potential investment projects in Barbados and attended a reception that attracted several prominent local business leaders, public officials, and members of Cabinet.

Read more of this post

Did PM Thompson Let The Cat Out Of The Bag?

During his address at the DLP St. Michael West branch meeting, Prime Minister David Thompson spoke on the economics policies of the former BLP administration.

Focusing on the concept of off-budget borrowing, “where you establish a plethora of government-owned, private companies and borrow vast sums of money through them, utilising in particular the Build Own Lease Transfer (BOLT) concept of loan procurement,” Thompson spell out for the faithful what he refer to as nothing more than “artificial short-term success, “whilst  Barbadians listened in awe as Arthur and his side-kicks trotted out performance figures.”

But did any of the faithful heard Thompson make a very revealing statement? Did anyone reading up on Thompson’s speech pick it up?

As this was happening, the arithmetic approach to development as articulated quite recently by the former and perhaps future leader of the Barbados Labour Party Owen Arthur came to light. Source – Barbados Advocate

Rumoured on the streets to be one of the two leaving the political fray, MP Owen made it clear he was staying put to the end of his term. Now Thompson has hinted at the possibility of Owen making a comeback for a future role of leader of the Barbados Labour Party!

Hammie La Gone [From The Barbados Labour Party]

          Hamilton Lashley have decided to go at it alone. At least for now. More than two hrs ago the grass root politican announced his resignation from the Barbados Labour Party declaring himself an independent.

It’s no secret the gentleman wasn’t to keen on Mia assuming leadership position of the party. Did that play its part? Or was it disillusion with his former party’s philosophy of looking out for the small man? Supposedly he was just a pawn in a game, taken advantage of his sincerely regarding the poor, it’s becoming clearer where ever the man goes his supporters will follow. As for now the St. Michael South East seat is held by an independent. A seat that will be hotly contested come elections 2013. Providing of course the man don’t switch again! But how can the gentleman remain a stand alone if he still thinks he have more to offer the unfortunate in this country? Is he abiding his time? Is there a place waitng for him in the DLP’s camp? Ain’t that gonna cause confusion, bitterness and distress. Undene Whittaker your positon is threatened.

Maybe not. Rumours around election time have it that Hammie La heart wasn’t in it and so he went so far as to encourage the residents of St. Micheal South East to vote for Undene! So maybe just maybe a plan may work itself out to partner with Undene, win the next elections for the DLP and be her sidekick in the Ministry. The battlelines are drawn for sure. Why do I have the feeling the 2013 elections gonna be a ding dong battle more so than 2008.

Opposition Party Keeping an Eye On The Nation’s Unscientific Polls

The Barbados Labour Party’s blog have written an article concerning the disconnection Barbadians feel towards the Thompson- led government after only seven months in office.

Taking it lead from the Nation’s newspaper unscientific polls [which could rather be inflated figures for all I care] the Opposition and subsequently the Nation would have us to believe that these results represent the vast majority of the electorate!

For instance the blog author quotes some percentages:

  • 55 per cent feel the Government’s position on flyovers is wrong; – 55% of what? 500? 5000?. 
  • 71 per cent gave the Government a failing grade for its first 100 days performance; – 71% of what? 700? 7000?. I am yet to see a government  make sweeping changes in the first 100 days in office. Unless it is a dictatorship, legislative would have to be already prepared and ready to be sign on the dotted line to greet the new government upon arrival. Other than that most things usually start from scratch.

 And the piece de resistance

  • 85 per cent gave it a failing grade on the petroleum price increases; – sensible bajans know it is better to adjust their fuel bills than for a government to continue to subsidy petroleum prices indefinitely given the viotile petroleum market.

It amazes me how small countries like ours always want to subsidised or its citizens always want its governments to subsidised every iota! Agriculture [which is actually the lifeblood of any economy] and education I have no problem with.  The general consensus of international financial agencies is that the economy will slow down. Not forgetting also the contracting of the economy due to last year’s massive spending on the 2007 Cricket World Cup.  I don’t mind these polls. There give a basic idea on some people’s thoughts on political & social issues but I also know there are mischievous in themselves [and will be used for mischievous purposes] lacking  scientific data to confirm results. If this is the closest thing the Nation can come too, for investigative journalism it is a crying shame.

Show me a country whose citizens are in complete agreement with its leaders decisions and I would show you propaganda machinery.

I have some questions for a Nation poll.

  • Do you believe a woman should lead a political party?
  • Do you believe Mia Mottley should lead a political party into elections?
  • Should government secure bajan’s help oversees to promote Barbados?
  • Are you concern regarding the frequent power outages?

There are more question I could asked but then I would be mischievous. Another observation. With 105,357 visitors to its site, where are the floodgate of comments from its supporters?

Thompson Have ZR Operators Running Scare

   The ZR Association is scrambling to get its house in order. The association rushed to revitalized its disciplinary commitee in an effort to stamped out unruly behaviour among its members as one measure to clean up its image.

With a permanent ban hanging around their necks like an albatross the Association is coming to grips with the hard lined approach by the Thompson led government  to ban the sector by law from transporting the nation’s schoolchildren due to the detrimental impact the sector is having the nation’s youth. With this reality staring them in the face plus free transport of schoolchildren on Transport Board buses we can therefore surmise that all it took to bring the operators back in line instead of leaving uncouth behaviour by their members uncheck was a reduction in profit margins and a threat. To show the public it means business, they have even hired a retired superintendent of police to sit on the same committee. But it is going to take more than just disciplining members for traffic violations etc.to rectified itself in the eyes of the public. At the heart of the matter is the loud, raw, explicit lyrics dancehall music  schoolchildren are expose too everyday. Very early in the morning. Positive lyrics brings out positive behaviour.  Negative lyrics brings out negative behaviour. Our children are bombarded everyday 24/7, 365 with negative lyrics that glorified drugs, sex, violence and prison time corrupting young minds. Fourteen long years we had nothing but shop talk whilst we allow the sector to become a law unto themselves. Transport Boards buses do not carry any speakers, amplifiers, stereo systems and equalizers.  Yet bus drivers know when a weather system is near Barbados. Why should the ZR’s be any different. The sooner schoolchildren and Bajans can ride in silence, the sooner the PSV operators public relations improve, the sooner the bad seeds are banned from holding a ZR license the sooner the sector will earned the public respect.

David Joey Harper Seeking Answers From Government

…….there were highs and lows in the debate, but what worries me is the impression given that Barbadian politicians are the most corrupt in the region, that Barbados was and is run by thugs and self-seeking individuals.  Source: Barbados Advocate

President of the Barbados Council of the Disabled David ‘Joey’ Harper  weights in on the difficulities he have on the just concluded Budgetary Proposals by PM David Thompson.



Freundel Stuart: Owen Arthur A Now Naked Man

There is a saying. It’s loney at the top. Having read Attorney General Freundel Stuart contribution to the Budgetary Proposals over at the Barbados Advocate online edition can anyone not come away impressed with the brilliant way in which the gentleman made his case for debilitating the former PM.

Not only that but we now have for the first time [some may say] in public solid documentation of strained relationships between BLP politicians and Owen. Ripping off layer after layer without leaving a stitch behind Freundal displays his brilliance in reducing the former PM to a mere shadow of his former self. From no other than a parliamentarian colleague. Excellent presentation. This one for the records.

From the Barbados Advocate

Former Prime Minister Owen Arthur has been described as “a naked man, stripped down to the skin, of all of the arrogance and all of the hubris that the people of Barbados had to endure particularly over the last ten years”.

That unflattering picture was painted in Parliament on Wednesday night by Attorney General and Minister of Home Affairs Mr. Freundel Stuart while speaking on the 2008 Financial Statement and Budgetary Proposals presented by Prime Minister David Thompson two days earlier. He congratulated the PM “for the thoughtfulness and imagination” which he brought to bear on the document:

“I have listened to, with amused interest, to the Honourable Member for St. Peter who has delivered economic and policy statements in this Chamber for the last 14 years and as he spoke I kept asking myself if all that he was saying was true, what it was that the people of Barbados was dissatisfied about in the month of January.

“What it was that they were dissatisfied about for the last three/four years in this country if all of these solutions were within his embrace. Are the people of Barbados stupid? Dont they know when they are feeling pain? Dont they know when a government has divorced itself from their interests? Dont they know when the policies of a government are inimical to their ideals? And I am prepared to err with the people of Barbados rather than to get swept along by all that I heard from the Member for St. Peter over the last half of an hour. Read more of this post

Barbados Prime Minister David Thompson First Budget Speech – A Breathe Of Fresh Air

    In his first Budget speech yesterday PM David Thompson delivered a number of initiatives aim at the general populace  which enforce the fact the Democratic Party do seem to have the whole population of Barbadians at heart and not just a particular segment. This is what Government is about. For the people, of the people and by the people. The very fact that the PM sought out the concerns of various parties in consulations is testament to that.

From the construction industry to the real estate industry. From the taxi man to parents everyone had something to smile about. We are especially please that government have scraped the flyovers. Not necessary at this point. Second hand dealers are now on the same level as new cars dealers. Both having to pay the same Environmental Levy of $1500.00. Increase taxes on alcohol and cigarettes. Long over due. Man made islands off the West Coast of Barbados. Not a bad idea. Barbados is a small island and the population is increasing rapidly due to the illegal influx. This would certainly gave the real estate industry here additional land to build their condominiums, town houses etc, freeing up scare land although I don’t see necessarily see the issue of sea  view blockage addressed. Read more of this post

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