Is The Apple iphone 5 Set To Spy On You?

Apple who are the creators of the soon to be iPhone 5 has recently applied for patents which are to say the least of it controversial. Read more of this post

Digicel Faces Possible Disconnection Millions Owed

The Antigua Public Utilities Authority (APUA) is threatening to cut off Digicel, unless it settles millions of dollars in arrears by the beginning of next month. Read more of this post

BlackBerry’s Corporate Dominance Seen Eroding

Shares in Research In Motion slipped more than 3% on Friday morning as investors fretted the BlackBerry smartphone’s stranglehold on corporate communications was being eroded by rival devices. Read more of this post

RIM Introduces BlackBerry Torch 9800 Smartphone

RIM (Research In Motion) has introduced the BlackBerry Torch 9800, the company’s first smartphone with a full QWERTY slide-out keyboard and touchscreen. Read more of this post

UK Could Follow US With Mobile Phone Radiation Law

The UK could follow the US in introducing legislation requiring mobile phone manufacturers to provide more explicit information on handset radiation emissions, according to legal experts. Read more of this post

Forget Online Banking Mobile Money Is The Way To Go

To 28-year-old Kenyan Mary Wanjiku, her cellphone is not just a cellphone. It is also a cheap, safe and easy way of sending her mother $40. Read more of this post

Google Rolls Out Nexus One

After weeks of speculation, Google Inc. finally unveiled its Nexus One smart phone at a packed press conference on Tuesday, showing off features, applications and performance the company claims push the possibilities of mobile devices. Read more of this post

Google Unveils Superphone Nexus One Today

Google’s first high-end mobile phone, dubbed the Nexus One, will be officially unveiled today at the company’s California headquarters. For the world’s gadget lovers, it looks like being a happy new year, with the two most innovative technology companies of the past decade set to launch eagerly awaited devices within weeks of each other. Read more of this post

Is Your Cell Phone Spying On You?

Don’t talk: your cell phone may be eavesdropping. Thanks to recent developments in “spy phone” software, a do-it-yourself spook can now wirelessly transfer a wiretapping program to any mobile phone. The programs are inexpensive, and the transfer requires no special skill. The would-be spy needs to get his hands on your phone to press keys authorizing the download, but it takes just a few minutes—about the time needed to download a ringtone.

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RIM Launching BlackBerry Storm2

BUSINESS-US-RIM-BLACKBERRYSTORM2BlackBerry maker Research In Motion is launching a new version of its touchscreen Storm smartphone, marking its latest move in the fight with Apple’s iPhone.

The Storm2, as the device is known, is “a biggie for us,” RIM co-Chief Executive Jim Balsillie said in an interview.

The smartphone retains the original Storm’s clickable touchscreen interface, but improves upon it with faster typing and “multitouch” capabilities, which allow users to type on more than just one part of the screen at a time.

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Apple Launches Faster 3G S iphone


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Apple Inc. introduced a faster model of the iPhone and cut the price of its current version, responding to competition from Research In Motion Ltd. and Palm Inc.’s Pre.The new iPhone 3G S opens applications and Web pages up to twice as fast as the current version, Apple said yesterday at its developers’ conference in San Francisco.

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iPhone Newest Competition The Blackberry Storm

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Research In Motion has announced today their newest smart phone. The Blackberry Storm.

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3G iPhone Has Arrived [Officially]

 3G iphone – Photo credit – Apple

If you don’t mind shelling out a couple thousand dollars using a smartphone without a 3G platform network available in Bim, then go right ahead.

If on the other hand you prefer to wait on Cable & Wireless for that high speed activation [by that time the price may drop some and the phone becomes outdated], then wait. But for some the lastest in gadgets and technology has no time check. It’s now or never. Regardless of price. The new Apple 3rd generation iphone is available in 8GB or 16GB. Factory unlock. Fully operational. GSM friendly. Availabe at the mall that has it all. Click here for specs.

Apple Unveiled New 3G iPhone

The next-generation iPhone will be faster, sleeker, friendlier, larger, smaller, prettier, smoother, and shinier than anything we’ve come up with so far,” said Apple marketing specialist Kurt Chen. “Is it worth risking your life to own one? We think so.”

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