Historic Plan To Get Haitians Mortages

The Clinton Bush Haiti Fund, the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC), and the Haiti Reconstruction Fund (HRF) are providing US$47 million in funding for a programme Read more of this post

Freeze In UK Air Passenger Duty

Chancellor of the Exchequer Chancellor George Osborne today told the House of Commons that there will be no increase in the Air Passenger Duty (APD) until 2012.

He also indicated that a consultation would commence straightaway to examine the efficacy of the current distance banding for assessing the duty.

“It is no doubt welcome news for the viability of the UK national transportation system and for foreign destinations heavily dependent upon British holidaymakers that the Air Passenger Duty will not be increased,” said Business Travel Coalition chairman Kevin Mitchell.

“However, the current levels of duty still represent a huge problem and they must be radically reduced to bring the UK back into competitive alignment with other countries for meetings, incentive trips and conventions. The next order of business is to expand the coalition of concerned parties outside the UK and deepen communications with UK government officials.”

The news should also be welcomed by Caribbean tourism stakeholders who say the tax is unfair.


Caribbean Quake Shakes Domincian Republic

A 5.3 magnitude earthquake shook the Dominican Republic this morning just days after experts warned that the country is at risk of experiencing a quake similar to the one that hit neighbouring Haiti last year.

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Caribbean Faces Uncertain Times

This year promises to be another hard slog for many Caribbean economies. Read more of this post

Haiti Cholera Challenge Failed

The cholera outbreak that has killed 3,600 people in Haiti since October 2010 (the cholera death toll in Haiti rose to 4,549, Haitian Health authorities said on Wednesday) has not been suppressed

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Antigua Government Sued For US$1Million

National Security Minister Dr Errol Cort is facing a US$1 million lawsuit filed by investors in the Stanford International Bank (SIB) yesterday – the last day they were allowed by law to submit such a claim. Read more of this post

UN Offers To Help Prosecute Baby Doc

The United Nations human rights chief has offered Haitian authorities technical assistance for prosecuting crimes committed Read more of this post

Caribbean Faces Uncertain Times

This year promises to be another hard slog for many Caribbean economies. Read more of this post

Haiti – First Baby Doc Now Aristide Calls Next

Haitians adjusting to the sudden return of one exiled ex-president could soon have another on their hands. Read more of this post

Harsher Penalties For Illegal Fishing In Jamaica’s Waters

The Government is tired of foreign vessels poaching the country’s fishing stock and is moving swiftly to implement stricter penalties for persons who fish illegally in Jamaica’s waters. Read more of this post

Royal Caribbean Waiter Guilty Of Smuggling Drugs On Ship

Bermuda‘s Royal Gazette is reporting that a crew member on Royal Caribbean‘s Explorer of the Seas accused of leading a drug smuggling operation on the ship has been found guilty in a Bermuda court. Read more of this post

Thousands Of Haitians Targeted For Job Training

The Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF) of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)announced a US$4 million grant for a project to provide job training to 9,000 unemployed and out-of-school young Haitians. Read more of this post

Barbados Concerned About High Food Import Bill

A senior government official is concerned about Barbados‘s high food import bill, stressing that every effort will be made to boost local agricultural production. Read more of this post

IMF Urges Barbados To Tax Its Citizens More

Barbados is being encouraged to not only make its recent 2.5% value added tax (VAT) increase permanent, but also to go up by another 0.5%. Read more of this post

British Travelers To The Caribbean Face Further Charges

Even as Caribbean tourism officials try to woo British travelers to the islands despite increased air passenger duties (APD), one of their staunchest allies in opposing the APD has now further compounded the problem. Read more of this post

Barbados Hotel Winners – World Travel Awards

Barbados hotel winners in the 2010 World Travel Awards. Read more of this post

Jamaican Scientists Claims To Have Formula For Eliminating Prostate Cancer

The Executive Chairman of Environmental Health Foundation, Dr. Henry Lowe says he has developed a formula to reduce and eliminate prostate cancer, one of the most prevalent types of cancer in men. Read more of this post

CARICOM To Launch Multi-state Travel Document

The Caribbean Community (CARICOM) will soon launch one of the world’s first automated multi-state travel documents (CARIPASS) for use within 10 member states that will not only make regional travel easier, but help crack down on identity theft and illegal migration. Read more of this post

Barbados Migrant Farm Workers Cheated Again

More than 130 migrant agriculture workers from Mexico and the Caribbean have gone home cheated of thousands of dollars after the Ontario farm operation they worked at filed an intention to obtain creditor protection. Read more of this post

Owen Says IMF Hand In (2010)Budget

Opposition Leader, Owen Arthur has described the 2010 Budget as a recipe for personal hardships and economic chaos in Barbados. Read more of this post

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