Petroleum Prices On The Rise For Bajans

Anonymous email sent from a remailer to us indicates Bajans will see an increase in petroleum prices at the pump effective Sunday midnight November 7. Read more of this post

Gold Rises To Record $1400/oz On Renewed Inflation Worries

Gold prices rose to an all-time high within a few dollars of $1,400 an ounce on Friday as the U.S. Federal Reserve’s program to resume buying government bonds stoked inflation worries. Read more of this post

2010 US Bank Failures Rose to 143 Surpassing 2009

On Friday, State and Federal regulators closed four banks, as the total number of bank failures this year rose to 143, surpassing 2009 which saw a total of 140 bank failures amid the recession and mounting loan defaults. Read more of this post

BlackBerry’s Corporate Dominance Seen Eroding

Shares in Research In Motion slipped more than 3% on Friday morning as investors fretted the BlackBerry smartphone’s stranglehold on corporate communications was being eroded by rival devices. Read more of this post

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