China Fired Missile Seen In Southern California

China flexed its military muscle Monday evening in the skies west of Los Angeles when a Chinese Navy Jin class ballistic missile nuclear submarine,

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Obama Fires Back After China Slates Fed’s QE2

US President Barack Obama defended the Federal Reserve’s policy of printing dollars on Monday during a trip to India, after Chinese officials stepped up criticism ahead of this week’s Group of 20 meeting. Read more of this post

Singapore Tycoon Lost $100m

The gaming world is abuzz with news that a Singaporean businessman lost $100 million at the two casinos in Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) and Marina Bay Sands (MBS). Read more of this post

Int’l Rescue Teams Leave Padang Indonesia

Relief workers struggled to reach Indonesian quake survivors still without food or shelter a week after the disaster, while foreign rescue teams packed up their high-tech equipment on Wednesday and prepared to pull out.

Aid has been pouring into the shattered West Sumatran city of Padang since the Sept 30 earthquake, but the scale of the disaster, heavy rain and damaged infrastructure have meant it has been slow to reach outlying areas. Read more of this post

PM David Thompson Meets Chinese Delegation

A delegation of Chinese officials met yesterday with Prime Minister David Thompson and other local businessmen at his official residence Ilaro Court.

The group from Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) discussed potential investment projects in Barbados and attended a reception that attracted several prominent local business leaders, public officials, and members of Cabinet.

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Skin Whiteners Label Racist In Asia

Cosmetic advertisements in Asia are targeting men with blunt campaigns aimed at skin color that one lawmaker labels racist.

In one TV commercial, two men, one with dark skin, the other with light skin; stand on a balcony overlooking a neighborhood. The dark skin guy turns to his friend and says in Hindi, “I am unlucky because of my face.” His light skin friend replies, “Not because of your face, because of the color of your face.”

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U.S. Nervous About China’s Growing Footprint Across Africa

China’s “no strings attached” financial assistance to developing countries in Africa and Asia has come under scrutiny during the recent high-level talks between Chinese and US leaders.

In this week’s (last week) Strategic and Economic Dialogue held in Washington, China has attempted to highlight its growing economic clout in a bid to push the United States on a range of thorny issues, such as the US budget deficit and trade barriers.

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Every Dog Has Its Day But For How Long???????????

Zhang Lei and her parents stop at a small clearing in the woods, an hour’s drive from the city.

Clutching a bunch of roses and a white plastic bag, they stop in front of a 4-sq-m tomb, surrounded by a small green patch and four poplar trees.

“Today is your birthday. We have brought you your favorite food,” Zhang says in front of the tombstone.

She carefully wipes the dust off it and touches it tenderly. Read more of this post

From Milk To Herbal Medicine – China Recalls Herbal Injections After Infant Deaths

Chinese health authorities are recalling a herbal injection that was suspected to have led to the death of a newborn baby and some adverse effects in another three.

A 9-day-old baby in northwest China’s Shaanxi Province died on Oct. 11, after being injected with “Yinzhihuang”, an injectable remedy containing extracts of herbs, including gardenia and honeysuckle. The drug is widely used, orally and intravenously, in Chinese hospitals to treat liver diseases and infantile jaundice.

The baby was hospitalized at Zhidan County Hospital in the city of Yan’an before he died.

The Ministry of Health confirmed in a teleconference on Sunday that three other newborn babies in the hospital had “adverse effects” after receiving the injection, and told hospitals across the country to stop using the drug.

Bacteria contamination in another injectable herbal product was blamed for three deaths in the southwestern Yunnan Province on Oct. 6.


Bank Of China Buys Into Rothschild Bank

Bank of China struck a deal with the historic Rothschild banking family on Thursday to buy a stake in La Compagnie Financiere Edmond de Rothschild, further highlighting China’s financial power.

Bank of China is paying 2.3 billion yuan, or $336.5 million, for a 20 percent stake in the firm, which is a private banking and asset management business of the Rothschild family.

Benjamin de Rothschild will hold 75 percent of the business.

The transaction is the latest sign of the growing financial power of China and other emerging economies. Banks in China, Singapore and Dubai have bought holdings in companies such as Morgan Stanley, Barclays and Citigroup.

China Development Bank, the lender for Chinese policy initiatives, bought a 3.1 percent stake in British bank Barclays last year.

The deal, which requires regulatory approval, will help LCF Edmond de Rothschild expand overseas and the two sides said they would focus on private banking and asset management businesses in China, France and other strategically important regions.

According to the company’s website, LCF Edmond de Rothschild made a net profit of €105 million in 2007.

The Rothschild banking dynasty began when Mayer Amschel Rothschild started a business in Frankfurt in the late 18th century.

His sons set up Rothschild banks throughout Europe in cities including Paris, Vienna, Naples and London. They financed the Duke of Wellington’s victory over Napoleon at Waterloo and the British move for financial control of the Suez Canal.

The Rothschild international banking group is one of the few European merchant banks to have remained independent in the face of sector consolidation.

Source – International Herald Tribune


Local Authorities/Press Too Silent On China Milk Scandal Are Barbadians Safe?

What’s Wrong With This Picture!!!?

Photo credit – AP

China’s agriculture minister acknowledged Tuesday that the country’s milk-gathering system was “out of control” [you think!!!] and led to abuses that put contaminated dairy products in stores across Asia, sickening some 54,000 babies and killing four.

At least nine countries banned imports of Chinese dairy products, and the World Health Organization warned of possible smuggling of melamine-tainted infant formula across borders. The European Union told customs authorities to keep a closer eye on food imports from China.

Melamine, used to make plastics and fertilizer, has been found in infant formula and other milk products from 22 Chinese dairy companies. Suppliers trying to cut costs are believed to have added it to watered-down milk because its high nitrogen content masks the resulting protein deficiency. Chinese state television reported that the company at the center of the scandal, Sanlu Group Co., received complaints about tainted formula beginning last December and waited eight months to tell the local government, which then waited another month before informing higher authorities.

27 arrested over tainted milk

Agriculture Minister Sun Zhengcai told a meeting with the health and public security ministries that the industrial chemical melamine was likely added at stations that collect milk from small individual dairy farmers.

“Since milk stations began only in recent years, the country now has no specific method of supervising them, or clear-cut supervision department. The purchasing process of raw milk is basically out of control,” Sun said.


I notice the continuing efforts of the Ministry of Health   in removing ice cream  products from off the shelves produced by Favourite Foods Ltd. Yet it can’t seems to say why precisely. As China milk scandal widen its way into other food products, is the Ministry checking other sources of  milk powder, ice cream and yogurt imported into this country?. This better don’t be a case of discriminating a young company as oppose to larger ones. The public needs to hear and feel reassured from the Ministry of Health that Chefette imported ice cream is safe to use, Bico and Pine Hill Diary imported raw materials to make their milk products are safe to consumed and chocolates/sweets are safe for our children to eat. Are authorities aware of Cadbury Eclairs[which are sold in Barbados], removed off the retails shelves in Australia?.

Silence is not always golden.

Bolt Donates $US50,000 To Chinese EarthQuake Victims

Usain Bolt of Jamaica with Sichuan earthquake survivor Huang Siyu. The triple gold medal winner visited victims of the devastating earthquake in Sichuan, urging survivors to use the Olympics as inspiration to look forward, not back  For those of you still having Olympic withdrawal symptoms maybe this will cheer you up.

Triple gold medal winner Usain Bolt put his celebrations on hold to visit victims of the devastating earthquake in Sichuan, urging survivors to use the Olympics as inspiration to look forward, not back. The Jamaican, who set an unprecedented three world records in claiming gold in the 100m, 200m and 4x100m relay, said he hoped people from the quake-battered province would “get through the tragedy”.

“We came here, tried to perform well. I hope people enjoy the Games, forget the past and move on,” he said as he posed for pictures with victims on Saturday, including Huang Siyu, 13, who lost both her legs in the disaster.

“You have to move forward after the disaster. The Olympics ask people to move forward,” added Bolt.

The 8.0-magnitude quake on May 12 in Sichuan left nearly 70,000 dead, and just under 18,000 people are still missing. At least 10 million people lost their homes.

Bolt said he watched the devastation unfold on television.

“I feel sorry for the victims so I asked my management team to do something,” he told Xinhua news agency after handing over a cheque for 50,000 US dollars to the Red Cross.

“They are kids. They deserve a better future. I hope they can still enjoy themselves because they are still kids. I just want to help them. I’m looking forward to more people coming out and helping them.”

Source – msn news


Japanese Create Stem Cells From Wisdom Teeth

Japanese scientists said Friday they had derived stem cells from wisdom teeth, opening another way to study deadly diseases without the ethical controversy of using embryos.  

Researchers at the government-backed National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology said they created stem cells of the type found in human embryos using the removed wisdom teeth of a 10-year-old girl.

“This is significant in two ways,” team leader Hajime Ogushi told AFP. “One is that we can avoid the ethical issues of stem cells because wisdom teeth are destined to be thrown away anyway.

“Also, we used teeth that had been extracted three years ago and had been preserved in a freezer. That means that it’s easy for us to stock this source of stem cells.”

The announcement follows the groundbreaking discovery by US and Japanese scientists last year that they could produce stem cells from skin, a finding that was hailed by the Vatican and US President George W. Bush. Research involving embryonic stem cells — which can develop into various organs or nerves — is seen as having the potential to save lives by helping find cures for diseases such as cancer and diabetes.

But studies on embryos are strongly opposed by religious conservatives, who argue that such research destroys human life, albeit at its earliest stage of development. In the new research, cells were extracted from the wisdom teeth and developed for about 35 days.

The researchers then tested them and found that they were stem cells, which can develop into various other kinds of human cells, Ogushi said. As with last year’s skin cell discovery, the Japanese researchers said it would take time to put the use of wisdom teeth into practical use.

Ogushi estimated it would take at least five years to put the method into clinical use such as trial treatments of congenital bone disease.

“Because extractions of wisdom teeth are commonly operated in dental clinics, we can expect a lot of donors of stem cells,” he said.


3 Golds, 3 World Records, Bolt & Asafa Mash It Up In 4×100 Relay Final

Photo credit – International Herald Tribute

37.10 secs became the new world record when the Jamaican team powered their way down to the finish line in the 4x100m relay this morning, as Asafa Powell anchor home the Jamaician leg to a blistering gold medal finsh, smashing a previous record of 37.40 set in 1992 Barcelona by 0.30 secs.

Said Bolt  to BBC, “I asked the guys for it and they said ‘yes, we’re going out there to do it’.

“I’m just happy and grateful because we worked hard for it.

Once again as predicted  it was a 1,2 finsh for the Caribbean [like the 100m final]  with Trinidad winning the silver medal as Richard Thompson was the man to bring his team home in 37.11 secs.

Strong favourites Jamaica however ruined their gold medal chances in the women 4x100m relay final when the bungle baton exchange beween Simpson and Stewart denied Veronica Campbell-Brown her chance and their country a gold medal victory. Russia won the race.

Jamaicans Ecstatic On Bolt Victory


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SHOCKING – What’s Going On With The Americans? Eliminated From Both Relays!!!

Tyson Gay and Darvis Patton drop the baton

Photo credit – BBC

Americans athletes are both out of the men & women 4x100m relays. In what was shaping up to be a Jamaica,Trinidad and America showdown for gold will now see the two Caribbean countries battle it out for a gold medal finish with a lesser stiff competition. The Americans dropped the baton in the qualifying heat between Patton handing over and Gay taking it. Williams and Edwards also fouled up like their male counterparts, eliminating themselves entirely from the finals.

Jamaicans Large And In Charge – Ground Provisions Not Steriods Won The Day

The international media are in a frenzy. The Caribbean and to a larger extent Jamaica have become a hotbed of media reports as Jamaica continue it dominance on the Olympic stage. Caribbean media personnel are being hounded for interviews with phones ringing off the hooks as journalists jostle for feedback on Caribbean athletes.

 ahead of his rivals in his 200m final

Photo Credit – BBC Sports


Usain “Lighting” Bolt a sure favourite to win the 200m sprint double broke the world record & Olympic record in a record time of 19.30  erasing Michael Johnson mark of 19.32. Usain Bolt became the first man since Carl Lewis in 1984 Los Angles to win gold both in the 100m & 200m final during live coverage this morning.  Once again the Caribbean came in 1, 2 just like the 100m dash when Netherlands Antilles Churandy Martina came second with 19.82. American Spearman capturing bronze got the shock of his life when told he was disqualified for running out of lane.


A few mins later Jamaica Melane Walker won the 400m hurdles finals! In a time of 52.64 secs sending the Caribbean region in jubilation once again. Sunday it was gold [Shelly-Ann Fraser], silver and bronze for Jamaica in the women 100m dash.  Now everyone wants to know what it is the Jamaicans are doing different!

What’s So Great With Women Beating Each Other?

   The International Boxing Association’s [AIBA] executive committee plans to bring a proposal to the International Olympic committee [IOC] to introduce women’s boxing to the London 2012 Olympic games.

Our own Joyce Bowen, committee chairperson of the AIBA’s women’s committee supports it wholeheartedly.

“We have every opportunity to get in there,” said Bowen, of Barbados. “We’re looking forward to it. The time has been there for a long while. We were just waiting, but we’ve been ready long enough.”

Personally the idea of women in a boxing ring beating each other around doesn’t appeal to me. As a matter of fact I was very dismayed when Muhammad Ali’s daughter took up the sport to follow in her father’s footsteps. A pretty thing like she. I noticed during my online reading that BMX cycling and women’s steeplechase were introduced into this year’s summer games. You know what I would like to see, some good ‘ole fashioned tug-o-war. That was one of de earlier events. I would enjoyed that. Maybe someone somewhere could stir up enough interest in the sport and get it once again on the IOC palate.


Olympians Continues to Keep Bajan Flag Flying High




Ryan Brathawaite booked a place in the semifinals 110m hurdles clocking a time of 13.44 secs in his quaterfinal round.

Photo credit – IAAF 

Ryan Brathwaithe place second in his 110m hurdles heat qualifying for the quarterfinal round. Clocking a time of 13.38 secs & setting a new national record, the semifinalist of the 2007 World Championships will be looking forward to a repeat performance as he sets his eyes on the semifinals and hopefully advanced the finals.


In other related news

Bajan lone sailor Gregory Douglas competing in a one man dinghy/single handle or the Laser class saw his best performance in race 5, placing 30th overall out of a field of 43 competitors the most in Olympic history. The dinghy simple enough for beginners is still the boat of choice for some of the world’s best sailors for its pure design and performance. So far 9 out of 11 races have been completed.


Ready Set BOLT And A New World Record

Photo credit – BBC

Jubilation broke out across the Caribbean this morning [during live coverage] when Usain “lighting” Bolt  became the fastest man in the world clocking a time of 9.69 in the 100m dash 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. Eclipsing his previous record by 0.03 secs. Winning the gold medal for Jamaica and placing the Caribbean in the Olympic history books. It was an anticipated  race featuring 6 Caribbean athletes for the first time in Olympic history  in the 100m dash. Trinidadian Richard Thompson [above in red] took the silver medal. Jamaican Asafa Powell came fourth.

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