World Food Prices Skyrocket For Seventh Consecutive Month

World food prices surged to a new historic peak in January, for the seventh consecutive month, according to the updated FAO Food Price Index, a commodity basket that regularly tracks monthly changes in global food prices. Read more of this post

Caribbean Faces Uncertain Times

This year promises to be another hard slog for many Caribbean economies. Read more of this post

Haiti – First Baby Doc Now Aristide Calls Next

Haitians adjusting to the sudden return of one exiled ex-president could soon have another on their hands. Read more of this post

Harsher Penalties For Illegal Fishing In Jamaica’s Waters

The Government is tired of foreign vessels poaching the country’s fishing stock and is moving swiftly to implement stricter penalties for persons who fish illegally in Jamaica’s waters. Read more of this post

Royal Caribbean Waiter Guilty Of Smuggling Drugs On Ship

Bermuda‘s Royal Gazette is reporting that a crew member on Royal Caribbean‘s Explorer of the Seas accused of leading a drug smuggling operation on the ship has been found guilty in a Bermuda court. Read more of this post

Thousands Of Haitians Targeted For Job Training

The Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF) of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)announced a US$4 million grant for a project to provide job training to 9,000 unemployed and out-of-school young Haitians. Read more of this post

Barbados Concerned About High Food Import Bill

A senior government official is concerned about Barbados‘s high food import bill, stressing that every effort will be made to boost local agricultural production. Read more of this post

Toxic Cloud May Be Responsible For Fish And Bird Deaths

It is alarming the number of excuses being given for the animals that have been dropping dead since New Year’s Eve; washing ashore; and falling from the skies. Read more of this post

World Map Of Mysterious Animal Deaths


Shift of Earth’s Magnetic North Pole Affect US Airport

Scientists say the magnetic north pole is moving toward Russia and the fallout has reached — of all places — Tampa International Airport. Read more of this post

Stanford Trial Delayed Over Drug Addiction

Fraud accused Allen Stanford has been granted a delay in his criminal trial while he gets treatment for a prescription drug addiction. Read more of this post

Rihanna’s Signature Scent – Reb’l Fleur

“My grandmother in Barbados used to call me her Rebel Flower,” the singer tells PEOPLE of what inspired the fragrance’s name. And while the name might be the natural choice, deciding on the final mix proved something more of a challenge. “Over the years, I layered many different scents to get something that was truly my own,” she says. “But I wanted…something that said ‘Rihanna was here.’ Something delicious and special, a fragrance with subtle hints that linger and leave a sexy memory.” The end result recalls the star’s Caribbean upbringing with ripe fruits and sumptuous florals, as well as a musky mix of vanilla, patchouli and amber. (

(pictures –

Sustainable Development Project Launched For Haiti

The United Nations and its partners have launched a 20-year, US$200 million environmental recovery programme in south-west Haiti that aims to benefit more than 200,000 people and show that sustainable rural development, from fisheries to tourism, is indeed practical.  Read more of this post

Standord Investors Rush To Sue US Government

Victims of Allen Stanford’s alleged multi-billion dollar fraud are racing against time to sue the United States government in an attempt to get back the money they lost. Read more of this post

Graeme Hall Nature Trails 1 Day Opening

One Day Only

All Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary Exhibits and Trails

Open to Public on Saturday, January 29, 2011

Time:  9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

[Christ Church, BARBADOS]   On Saturday, January 29, 2011, all exhibits and interpretive walkways through the mangroves and upland areas at Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary will be open to the public.

This event is for one day only.

The exhibits and trail system have been closed to the public for the past two years.  The exhibits include two walk-in, free flight aviaries that are among the largest in the world, and the network of interpretative trails contain well-researched information about the culture, history and biology of the Graeme Hall Wetland.

Admission on January 29th will be Bds. $5.00 for adults and $2.00 for children under 12.

The 35-acre Sanctuary is one of the finest examples of the natural heritage of Barbados and is part of the 81-acre RAMSAR wetland approved under the international Convention on Wetlands.

More information about the Sanctuary can be found at .

Is The Apple iphone 5 Set To Spy On You?

Apple who are the creators of the soon to be iPhone 5 has recently applied for patents which are to say the least of it controversial. Read more of this post

Hungary, Ireland And Others Snatch Retirement Accounts Is California Next?

The avalanche of failing governments in Europe has left many legislators with no choice but to seize European taxpayer savings and pension accounts to cover the governments’ bills. Read more of this post

Dead Foetus Found In Airplane Bathroom In Manila

Police say a dead foetus has been found in the bathroom of a plane that arrived in the Philippine capital. Read more of this post

Blessed 2011 Everyone

A blessed and wonderful 2011  to all our faithful readers. May the year bring you your promised dreams and renewed strength to faced each and every day for as long as we endeavour  on this side.


(Photo) Of The Year

On August 5th, San Jose gold & copper mine in Chile, South America collapsed, trapping 33 miners for 69 days ½  a mile underground – the longest underground entrapment in history – they were finally rescued via a slim capsule through a 28 inch wide shaft – one of three drill – and hoisted to freedom.


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