Jamaican Scientists Claims To Have Formula For Eliminating Prostate Cancer

The Executive Chairman of Environmental Health Foundation, Dr. Henry Lowe says he has developed a formula to reduce and eliminate prostate cancer, one of the most prevalent types of cancer in men.

Dr. Lowe, speaking at the launch of Bio-Tech R&D Institute in Jamaica on Thursday night said he was pleased to announce “that we have reached the final stages in the development of the Alpha Prostate Formula, which will be on the market in the next three months under the Eden Gardens brand”.

The scientist said that the formula will be produced locally first as a nutraceutical.

“The drug takes time and millions of US dollars to develop, so that is why we’re making it available in its semi-purified form,” Dr Lowe later told a local newspaper.

The Jamaica Observer newspaper has quoted Dr Joseph Bryant from the University of Maryland Medical School and a shareholder in Bio-Tech R&D Institute, as saying “we have to go by the rules and the regulations as to how fast we can get it out there, but the nutraceutical thing now allows us to get it out much faster.

“We cannot over emphasise the point of what this means for the country, and I hope that the younger generation will carry it on,” Dr Bryant added.

The Bio-Tech R&D Institute brings together Jamaica’s four leading research institutions — the University of the West Indies, University of Technology, Northern Caribbean University and the Scientific Research Council — all of which will receive 2.5 per cent of the total shares of the institute free of cost.

Dr. Lowe’s cancer research work attracted world attention when he announced that he had found properties in the Jamaican ball moss that had the potential to fight cancer.

He told delegates to the launch of Bio-Tech R&D Institute that the formula is derived from the main ingredient in the ball moss and has been shown to have major prostate anti-cancer activity.

Jamaica has one of the highest prostate cancer rates in the world with approximately 150 men diagnosed each year.

Dr. Lowe noted that in addition to Jamaica, numerous cases of prostate cancer have been reported among black Americans and Africans.

“The market for that is tremendous and there are only two other products as nutraceuticals for this,” he said, adding “this is going in there, brand Jamaica, and if we get the right thrust and the right support we have hundreds of millions of US dollars which can come to Jamaica”.

Dr. Lowe said that as a first step in the development of the nutraceutical industry, Bio-Tech R&D Institute has already secured capital of J$25 million (US$292,671), which will contribute to the overall development of the institute in the next two years.

“As a result, the only thing that could impede success is our will to succeed,” said Dr Lowe.

“We will be working toward seizing a five per cent share of the global nutraceutical industry within the next two years, which translates to a multi-billion-dollar local industry — approximately $726 billion (US$84.9 million)” he said.

Dr. Lowe said that in addition to his other shareholders — Federated Pharmaceutical/Lascelles Limited and the Environmental Health Foundation —he has forged a partnership with the largest nutraceutical company in China, which will distribute the formula in that Asian country.

“We expect that gaining even one per cent of the Chinese market will amount to tremendous US dollar value export earnings — perhaps the most rewarding endeavours and investments in our country in recent times,” said Dr Lowe.



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