UK On Lock Down As Snow Tightens Grip

Large areas of Britain were brought to a halt today as the big freeze tightened its grip on the nation.

Two major airports – Edinburgh and Gatwick – were closed this morning, with motorists and rail passengers also experiencing severe disruption.

Temperatures fell as low as nearly minus 20C in the Scottish Highlands overnight – minus 19.8C was recorded in Altnaharra – and thousands of children were expected to stay at home again due to school closures. Around six inches (15cm) of snow is expected on higher ground, with strong 30mph north-easterly winds making the temperatures feel as low as minus 7C in parts of the UK.

Forecasters warned that the onslaught of Arctic weather will not show signs of letting up until Friday. Severe weather warnings were in place for the whole of Scotland today, with widespread icy roads and heavy snow expected in central and south westerly areas.

Warnings were also inplace for northern England, the south coast and parts of Wales.

Gatwick Airport was closed today with all departures and arrivals halted until further notice. It is not known when the airport will reopen. An updated statement on Gatwick Airport website said the runway would remain closed for snow clearance until at least 11am.

Edinburgh Airport also closed due to heavy snow showers overnight. A statement on the airport website said it was expected to reopen at 6pm.



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