Barbados Aims For Civil Aviation Big Leagues

Government’s Civil Aviation Department is working assiduously to attain Category 1 Status for Barbados in accordance with the United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

The rating, which would automatically place Barbados in the big leagues of civil aviation, would allow the country to have a Barbadian-registered airline operating into the United States, as well as take part in reciprocal code-share arrangements with US carriers.
And Director of Civil Aviation Tony Archer is confident that the Category 1 status can be attained next January, when Barbados is slated to be re-audited by the FAA to determine its compliance to the International Civil Aviation Organisation‘s (ICAO) standards and recommended practices for aircraft operations. Contracting states are periodically audited by the ICAO, with all CARICOM countries, having already been assessed.  If unsuccessful, states are given a deficiency list, which outlines problems that must be resolved.

“We were audited back in February of last year and we had a few deficiencies. For the most part it had to do with regulations, which we have addressed, and they are in the final stages of being implemented,” Archer explained.

“We were also audited by the FAA, and this is with respect to the infamous Category 1. They basically audit the state’s administrative and regulatory arm (Civil Aviation Department) to see if it is meeting international standards. We had an audit from the FAA last year, and like the ICAO, we had a few deficiencies, which we are attempting to clear up. They will be visiting with us early next year, in the first quarter, to see if we have addressed it all, and then we would be granted the Category 1 Status, if they agree with us.”

Archer’s comments followed the official opening of the Fourth Meeting of the Board of Directors of the Caribbean Aviation Safety and Security Oversight Systems (CASSOS).

Archer is also Chairman of CASSOS which primarily addresses civil aviation matters within CARICOM, with an emphasis on safety, security and harmonised operations and procedures.


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