Around the Web Guess What I Found?

So you want to know if it’s raining in whatsoever city? Without searching high & low for results?

Well, just enter the URL – of city, in your browser’s address bar for the info. You will either get a BIG fat NO or a BIG fat YES.

For example, I wanted to find what is said about Barbados so I type in This is what I got.

It’s 12.00pm on the screenshot but it’s 12.25 pm on my computer. So there’s a time delay of about 30 mins by the cache results. Nevertheless, like a child with a new toy, I started experimenting with my new interest. Note: 1st letter of city’s name must be capitalized.


  • If you are concerned about search engines storing your every search query, privacy violations, etc, etc, etc, Yippy, ‘a family friendly search engine and more’ provides ‘complete privacy through search, surf and e-mail’. It even has video conferencing.


  • I came across this site a few years ago and forgot all about it. Now I know some folks know of its existence but others don’t. So here goes. FileHippo lets you download free software for your computer. Totally legit. So run a search for updates for outdated applications whether for drivers, chat, audio etc, etc, etc. You get the idea. Think Of course you should run your anti-virus program in any case.


  • Want to know if your favorite website is down? Is it just you or is everyone else experiencing the same problem? Having just read over by BFP of Bajan Reporter’s blog web magazine (cough, cough) blocked by LIME, I used their site name as an example.

This can be achieve by using the lonnnnnnnnng URL – in the address bar.

Not bad

  • Want a distraction, play word games and donate grain to the needy at the same time? is the answer. For every correct answer, 10 grains of rice is donated to a hungry person through the World Food Programme.

Very Good

  • PDF Online makes it easy for you to upload a document or image and convert it to a PDF format. Receive it by an email of your choosing.


Some of these sites I came across recent, others are of yesteryear that were previously bookmarked. Though I just share them. Another set will at another time.



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