Woman Arrested Over Cocaine-filled Buttons

A woman has been arrested at Pearson airport after being caught with thousands of buttons containing cocaine.

Officials from Canadian Border Services became suspicious of the more than 3,000 large buttons being flown in from Barbados and questioned the woman.

“Her answers just weren’t adding up,” said Insp. Steve Saunders of the RCMP, adding that the buttons looked like oversized coat buttons.

Police later discovered about 9 kg of cocaine, worth roughly $1 million, concealed inside the buttons, which Saunders called “significant,” given the method of concealment. He says the seizure happened on July 17, but the information was not publicly released in the early stages of the investigation.

The previous day, RCMP officers from the airport detachment disrupted a cocaine ring using human couriers to smuggle the drug into Canada.

Another 9 kg of cocaine were confiscated in the earlier case.

Sgt. Frank Gougeon said the two busts were not connected.



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