Antigua Visit Create Stir In Kuwait

It was a visit that Antigua and Barbuda government hailed, but the trip made to that twin-island nation earlier this month by the Kuwait Prime Minister, Sheikh Nasser Mohammad Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah, is creating a stir in his country.

Arab media is today reporting that Parliamentarian Musallam Al-Barrak is questioning what the Prime Minister would see in the twin-island nation to warrant an official visit – as the first stop in his month-long tour of Latin America – and what deals were made while he was there.

The Kuwaiti leader and Antigua and Barbuda’s Prime Minister Baldwin Spencer signed a trade agreement; a cultural and artistic agreement; a memorandum of understanding to develop relations and cooperation in the political, economic and other fields; and an economic and technical cooperation agreement during the visit two weeks ago.

But Al-Barrak is skeptical about what Kuwait gains by signing treaties with a country with “which has no real political weight regionally or globally”.

Noting that the Latin American tour was to reap benefits for Kuwait, the MP said he doubted the agreements reached with Antigua and Barbuda achieved that. He has indicated that he will question the country’s leader when he returns home to get clarifications on the signed agreements, approved investments, names of the members of the accompanying delegation, their duties, and meetings attended by the private sector representatives who were part of his entourage.

When he arrived in Antigua and Barbuda on July 13th, the Kuwaiti leader was given a red carpet welcome. Prime Minister Spencer said that his small country and the oil-rich Arab nation had found a basis for friendship and bilateral cooperation that respects the  interests of both sides.

Meantime, Al-Barrack was also critical of inclusion of Cuba on the nine-nation Latin American tour, especially coming so close to the 20th anniversary of the 1990 Iraqi invasion.

He noted that that communist country had sided with Iraq against Kuwait, voting along with Yemen against a United Nations resolution that authorized allied use of military power to liberate Kuwait, and said he would like to ask the person responsible for drawing up the premier’s tour schedule whether they “used their brain or paid attention to Kuwaitis’ feelings when putting Cuba on the list of the countries to be visited”.

The Kuwaiti Prime Minister’s tour of Latin America also includes Trinidad and Tobago, Mexico, Guyana, Brazil, Chile, Argentina and Uruguay.




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