Earthquakes Continue Around The World At Alarming Rate Part 2

At least four people were injured during an earthquake measuring 5.8 on the Richter scale that hit southern Iran’s Fars Province near the Persian Gulf coast at 1938 GMT on Tuesday.

The earthquake, at a depth of 9 kilometers, is 27 degrees North Latitude and 53.9 degrees East Longitude, according to the Iranian Seismological Center’s website. Earlier in the day the U.S. Geological Survey said the earthquake is at a depth of about 34 kilometers, and was centered about 234 kilometers west of Bandar-e Abbas.

Within 21 minutes after the magnitude-5.8 quake, another two earthquakes measuring 5.2 and 4.1 struck Fars province in succession, the Iranian Seismological Center said on its website.

Iran, including its capital Tehran, sits astride several major fault-lines in the earth’s crust, and is prone to frequent earthquakes. Source

Papua New Guinea was hit Wednesday by a 6.3-magnitude earthquake, geologists said, though no destructive tsunami was expected and no immediate damage was reported.

The quake hit at 5:18 am (1918 GMT Tuesday), 130 kilometres (81 miles) northeast of Kandrian on New Britain Island at a depth of 36 kilometres, the US Geological Survey said, revising the location and an earlier estimate of 6.6 magnitude. The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center said that, based on historical data, there was no immediate threat of a widespread destructive tsunami.

Just over an hour later the same region was hit by a 5.6-magnitude aftershock 40 kilometres deep, revised down from an earlier estimate of 5.9-magnitude. Papua New Guinea, which is mired in poverty despite rich mineral deposits, sits on the so-called “Pacific Ring of Fire”, a hotspot for seismic activity due to friction between tectonic plates.

Two quakes with magnitudes of 7.3 and 6.9 hit the same area and at around the same depth on Sunday. AFP

An unusual 3.5-magnitude earthquake shook homes around Oahu yesterday (Sunday), capping a wild weekend of seismic activity around the Pacific.The quake occurred at 3:27 p.m. with an epicenter south of Oahu at a depth of 15.5 miles. An initial analysis had the epicenter under Palolo Valley.

The mild trembling was felt from Kakaako to Kaneohe and myriad other locales. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, the only recent quakes near Oahu were in 2002 (3.9 magnitude) and 1980 (4.0 magnitude), both offshore. Source

A 6.7 magnitude earthquake struck in the Fox Islands region of the Aleutians on Saturday night. The earthquake hit about 40 miles from Nikolski, and was felt as far as Kodiak.
According to the Alaska Earthquake Information Center, the initial earthquake happened 21 miles below the sea bed, and at least 20 aftershocks with magnitudes higher than 4 have hit since Saturday night. The strongest of these was a 5.8 magnitude aftershock that was felt in Nikolski
around noon on Sunday. Source

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