32 US States Brankrupt Must Borrowed For Unemployment Payments!!!

According to EconomicPolicyJournal.com 32 US states have run out of funds to make unemployment benefit payments. The end result is that the federal government has been supplying these states with funds so that they can make their  payments to the unemployed.

In some cases, states have borrowed billions. As of May 20, the total balance outstanding by 32 states (and the Virgin Islands) is $37.8 billion. The state of California has borrowed $6.9 billion. Michigan has borrowed $3.9 billion, Illinois $2.2 billion.

Below are some other states that have borrowed from the federal government  to make unemployment payments, and the amounts that remain borrowed as of May 20 2010. To see full list click HERE.

California        6.9 billion

Florida           1.6 billion

Illinois            2.2 billion

Indiana           1.7 billion

Kansas           88 million

Michigan        3.9 billion

New Jersey   1.7 billion

New York     3.2 billion

N.C.              2.1 billion

Ohio             2.3 billion

Penn.            3.0 billion

Texas           1.0 billion

Wisconsin     1.4 billion

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