Barbados Likely Home For Airone Ventures Airlines

Airone Ventures Limited (AVL), a start-up airline, which three years ago sought a home in Jamaica, is likely to begin operations in Barbados later this year.

AVL, which has a Barbados address, is advertising for several positions including line training captains, captains, first officers, cabin crew, human resources and facilities manager, among others.

The advertisements for flight crews said candidates should have an International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) license with current type rating on MD 80 aircraft.

With a ‘launching low fares’ tagline, AVL said it would be positioning itself as the first Caribbean low-cost carrier.

Airone Holdings Limited has named the Irish-based communications firm, Digicel, as its marketing and sales partner. No information was immediately available about AVL’s routes, but the company had previously said it would operate flights between the Caribbean and the United States.

The airline had initially planned to operate two Boeing 737-300 aircraft, which it said it would lease for between US$200,000 and US$400,000 per month, and gradually expand to five within two years.

AVL had sought national-carrier status in Jamaica and signalled its intention to set up in Barbados once its application to the Jamaican authorities was denied. The airline had argued that with its base in Jamaica, it would have generated more than 200 new skilled jobs in the first year of operation, contribute two per cent to gross domestic product and a minimum of US$65 million in taxes to the government.

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