BLP Saddles Barbadians With $700m-1000 Person Prison Debt For 30 Years

A fired up Prime Minister David Thompson tored into the Barbados Labour Party on a “unholy mess” situation yesterday afternoon in the House of Assembly during a 90 min wrap-up debate on the 3rd  day of the 2010 Estimates of Expenditure and Revenue.

Citing legacies left behind by previous Prime Ministers to the benefits of Barbadians like the Deep Water Harbour, Airport and the ABC H’way to name a few, Thompson exclaimed the legacy and largest public sector project under the previous BLP administration was a construction of a prison.

Leaving Barbadians with a $700m debt.

$30m due each year in January.

For the next 30 years.

For holding 1000 prisoners.

“………The largest public sector investment by the Barbados Labour Party government in 14 years was the building of a prison. When we calculate the cost of the prison to Barbados it will be $700m plus. The BLP have not paid a cent to the prison, that was a bill we had to start to payand when you look at the graph in relation to our foreign reserves in January of every year we have to look for $30million in one shot to pay for a prison.

“Whereas when the BLP was in office in January you will see the graph in relation to reserves going up every January you suddenly see a drop and that is because we have to look for US15 million to pay for a prison that will cost the people of this country $700million to house a thousand people and there are 20,000 ypoung people in this country every year being educated and we are not spending that amount of money on them. So what kind of society we were building for 14 years?”



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