Tsunami In Hawaii Peaks At 1 metre (3Ft)

The tsunami generated by the massive Chilean earthquake brought waves peaking at about 1 metre in the Hawaiian Islands, where alerts were cancelled later Saturday.

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre issued an “all clear” within two hours of the first effects of the Chilean tsunami. Forecasts by oceanographers had been for Hawaii to see waves of as little as 30 centimetres up to 2 metres or higher. The tsunami, which reached Hawaii more than 12 hours after the overnight quake in Chile, started with the Pacific waters receding slightly from the beaches and reports of discolouration, as the underwater shockwave stirred up the sea.

The water eventually rose as the tsunami arrived, and measurements around the Hawaiian Islands were about 1 metre or less. There were no immediate reports of damage or casualties in Hawaii, where tsunami sirens began sounding several hours before the waves arrived.



The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center (PCTW) has cancel edits tsunami warning for Hawaii, with the state apparently escaping the roiling waves unscathed.

Gov. Linda Lingle says no damage has been reported in any county. Tidal surges were observed Saturday along the coasts but did not roar ashore. She’s calling it “a great day now that it’s over.”



The waves from the tsunami racing across the Pacific Ocean after the earthquake in Chile are starting to reach British Columbia and southeast Alaska.

West Coast and Alaska Tsunami Warning Center Director Paul Whitmore says there’s been a report of a 1-foot wave at Winter Harbour, B.C. The waves were expected to reach Craig, Alaska, at about 4 p.m. local time.

Wave heights appear to be decreasing in California. But Whitmore says they are still getting reports of waves up to two feet, and that will keep the tsunami advisory in place for a few more hours.


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  1. jjoshuajj21 says:

    FOX News gave the USGS some criticism for this low wave surge, and the USGS ate a little crow; and, it is agreed that they need more research >> http://worldresarchnews.wordpress.com/ <<<

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