Barbados Today – Barbados First Digital Newspaper

Barbados first digital newspaper is online. It called Business Today and by the looks of it, it reminds me of the digital issue of Charisma magazine online – the first I have seen of its kind.

The electronic, soft copy version of regular online newspapers, the digital newspaper is headed by Roy Morris, a former veteran journalist of the Nation Publishing Company, who many may recall was charge with rape on August 14 th 2007 for having unlawful sexual intercourse with a 16-year-old female, as Nation News Associate Managing Editor.The last we read on that was a mandatory appearance to the nearest police station three times weekly with the case adjourned until Nov 1st and again adjourned and adjourned until…………….

According to a January 14th CBC article “it’s a venture he has been working on for more than two years. He says there is a demand for a new imaginative approach to news gathering and dissemination in Barbados and he has designed systems to achieve that ……….that a number of former Nation Publishing Company employees have come together and have been able to attract persons who understand the importance of quality journalism in a developing country like Barbados.”

Hey, folks there’s a cost to this. A subscription is offer afterwards after your first ‘peek’ for your continual  free copy of Barbados Today. Of course, it would be for a limited time only!


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