Orange Juice Prices To Rise In Barbados As Crisis Hits Crop

Lovers of orange juice will dig deeper in their pockets as the price of concentrated orange juice is sure to go up here in Barbados due to disease and cold weather that have hit citrus groves in Florida, one of the world’s main producers of orange juice.

According to Mail Online this is already on top of an escalating increase price of concentrated orange juice that has already soared on world markets, from 43p per pound (1.39BDS) a year ago to more than 80p per pound(2.59BDS) last week.

The US government expects this season’s yield of Florida oranges to be down 17 per cent on last year, at 135million boxes, because cold weather and ‘spotty’ rainfall have meant smaller oranges and fewer fruit per tree.

The state’s orange groves have also been ravaged by the deadly, incurable ‘greening disease’, which originated in Asia and forces farmers to uproot trees.

Millions of dollars have been spent on aerial pesticide spraying in an attempt to reduce the population of the insect that spreads the disease – the citrus psyllid.

In Other news

The price of white sugar has increased to its highest level in two decades because of poor harvests.

Sugar traders on the commodities market in New York were today reporting that sugar prices had hit their highest level since February 1981 and analysts are forecasting even bigger rises in 2010.


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