Brazil ‘black magic’ Needle Abuse


Fifty needles ... this TV grab shows an X-ray and a picture of the stomach of the first boy. Photo: AFP

A new case of a boy stuck with several sewing needles as part of a black magic rite has surfaced in Brazil where another boy nearly lost his life to such a practice.The two-year-old boy in the northern state of Maranhao was apparently perforated with the slivers by his father, police told AFP on Wednesday.

“Everything indicates the father participated in black magic rituals. He has been put in preventive custody for five days, and that could be extended for another five days,” said the investigating officer, police chief Armando Pacheco.

“Other people are implicated, but because of ongoing investigations, we can’t give details.”

The parents were denying any responsibility, but custody of the boy has been given to his grandparents.

According to police, doctors discovered the needles inside the boy’s body in August and removed two of them.

The case came to light after that of another two-year-old boy in the northeastern state of Bahia who was found to be stuck with dozens of needles by his stepfather, who confessed to wanting to kill the youngster to get back at his wife.

That boy had an operation last week to remove needles perilously close to his heart and lungs, and was scheduled for additional surgery on Wednesday to take out more from his bladder and intestines.




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