13 Year Old Put Penis In Ants Nest

Residents of a community in Westmoreland (Jamaica) are still laughing more than one week after a teen had to seek medical attention after he pushed his penis in an ants nest in a desperate attempt to get it larger.

The 13-year-old boy is said to have resorted to that measure after he was told that his member was too small. THE WEEKEND STAR learnt that since last Monday the youth’s action has been the hot topic in Shrewsbury where he resides.

Reports are that the youngster tried to solicit the services of a woman who lives in the same community. It is said that the woman ignored his approach and told him his ‘member’ was too small for her.

The woman was reportedly sweeping just in front her home when she was approached. A number of residents who were having a chat close-by heard the argument and began laughing.

It is said that the youngster boasted that he could go elsewhere while the woman ordered him to find ways to enlarge his member before returning.

“Everybody a laugh afta him and di woman tell him fi go beat it pon a tree (papaya) or push it inna ants nest mek it swell…,” an alleged witness to the argument, Della said.

The boy left but approximately half an hour later he and his mother had to rush from their home to seek medical attention.

Residents further told THE WEEKEND STAR that the boy returned later that same evening and his mother held nothing back as she argued with a handful of residents as well as the woman with whom he had the encounter earlier.

The mother later made a report to the police claiming that the woman had tried to have sexual intercourse with her son.

Corporal Troy Wesley of the Westmoreland police confirmed that such a report was made, however, he said that it was discovered that there was no truth to it.

“The woman made a report and we went to investigate and found it was not so…That’s when we heard of the ants nest issue,” he said.

A friend of the boy’s family who spoke on condition of anonymity said the youngster experienced a lot of pain and discomfort during his recovery.

Source: www.caribdaily.com


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