Sex Triangle Causes Lesbian’s Death – Repeatedly

A “FRENZIED” lesbian shot her lover six times in the head but failed to kill her, so she stabbed her repeatedly before slitting her throat with a knife, a court has heard.

The Adelaide Magistrates Court was today told Bernadette Liston was murdered by Francis Lorraine Marshall because she was about to leave her long-time lover for Marshall’s brother.Prosecutors today said that man, Darryl Purcell, fathered the lesbian couple’s child by having sex with Ms Liston, sparking a four-year “illicit affair”.

Marshall, 62, of Lyrup, was ordered to stand trial on one count of murder.

Lucy Boord, prosecuting, said Marshall murdered Ms Liston in the couple’s Victor Harbor home in October 2002. She said Ms Liston and Mr Purcell had continued the affair for four years after conceiving the couple’s child “in the ordinary way”. “It’s the oldest motive in the world,” Ms Boord said.

“The victim and the accused’s brother continued the affair – it was an illicit affair – they weren’t going around telling every man and his dog about it.

“The victim and the accused’s brother were planning on buying a property together – the victim was going to leave the accused.”

Ms Boord said Ms Liston was shot 22 times with a .22 rifle, including six times in the head, before she was stabbed and had her throat slit.


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