Every Dog Has Its Day But For How Long???????????

Zhang Lei and her parents stop at a small clearing in the woods, an hour’s drive from the city.

Clutching a bunch of roses and a white plastic bag, they stop in front of a 4-sq-m tomb, surrounded by a small green patch and four poplar trees.

“Today is your birthday. We have brought you your favorite food,” Zhang says in front of the tombstone.

She carefully wipes the dust off it and touches it tenderly.

The lettering on the tombstone reads: “Though your life was short, it was still very gorgeous We love you forever.”

Zhang takes out the birthday cake, two cartons of milk, some lychees, jerky and a bottle of water and places them in front of the tombstone. Then she kneels down and lights a candle. Her parents stand beside her and they all break out into the birthday song.

The family has gathered to remember their Schnauzer dog. Zhang’s mother says she got him from a friend in 2005 and from day one, raised him like the baby of the family.

“You can’t imagine how lively and cute Zhu Zai was. He was always very gentle and well behaved. He would cheer us up when we were upset and never entered any room without permission,” she says.

However, one day last May, the dog suddenly collapsed and, within a week, died from polio. His death was a huge blow to the family. Though it is more than a year since Zhu Zai died, Zhang and her parents haven’t got over it yet.

Wanting to find a decent burial place for him, they scoured the Internet for a pet cemetery and finally found Chen Shaochun’s Baifu pet cemetery, located in northern Beijing’s Changping district.

Source: www.chinadaily.com


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