Barbardos Offers Weather-Guaranteed Vacation Package!

Originally posted on May 6 2009

The Barbados Perfect Weather Guarantee gives travellers cash back when the weather in Barbados isn’t “perfect.”

Travellers booking their vacations with the Barbados Perfect Weather Guarantee from May 1-June 7, 2009 for travel during May 28-December 18, 2009 will receive $100 for every day the  weather falls below an average of 78 degrees Fahrenheit and accumulates more than a quarter-inch of rainfall. (First of its kind in the world, I must say)

Those who book a five-night stay or longer, will enjoy an instant credit of $200 per booking.

As an old time Barbadian saying goes, “The devil and he wife fighting for the cou-cou stick,” meaning the rain is falling and the sun is shining brightly at the same time, is something travellers booking the Barbados Perfect Weather Guarantee won’t have to worry about.

Visitors to Barbados can purchase the weather-guaranteed vacation package at no additional cost, and if after the vacation has ended, they believe they qualify for a refund, they enter the package code to a customized site provided at purchase of the vacation to determine if they are eligible for a refund.

The eastern-most of the Caribbean islands, and situated outside the hurricane belt, Barbados was formed by the collision of the Atlantic crystal and Caribbean plates, which created a volcanic eruption to create this country of contrasts.

You’ll find serene Caribbean waters and coral beaches for sunbathers and swimmers to an Atlantic coastline ideal for surfers and sailors. Barbados truly is an authentic Caribbean destination, mixing European sophistication and culture with nature and heritage sites, along with romance.

The island also offers small and affordable guest houses, luxurious villas, all-inclusive resorts, family-friendly hotels, and boutique escapes.


Originally posted on May 6 2009


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