Humans Not Cause For Global Warming

An Adelaide professor says climate change is unavoidable – but that humans are not the cause of it.

University of Adelaide Professor of Mining Geology Ian Plimer this week launches his seventh book, Heaven and Earth, Global Warming: The Missing Science, which aims to refute every scientific argument that humans are responsible for global warming.

Professor Plimer embarked on the project after being incensed by increasing public acceptance of the idea that humans have caused global warming. Many scientists worldwide agree that high levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere have caused global temperatures to rise. Professor Plimer said his book would “knock out every single argument we hear about climate change”, to prove that global warming is a cycle of the Earth.

“It’s got nothing to do with the atmosphere, it’s about what happens in the galaxy.

“You’ve got to look at the whole solar system and, most importantly, we look back in time.

“There’s a lot of talk out there that there isn’t any science that supports my view, but I have 2111 scientific references in this book.”

Professor Plimer has been awarded two Eureka prizes, for science promotion and best science book, and a Centenary Medal for his geological contribution to Australian society. He said the planet has endured constant climate change and rapid changes had occurred in the past.

“Not one has been driven by carbon dioxide,” he said.

The book outlines how climate is driven by the sun, the Earth’s orbit and plate tectonics. It will be released in Britain and U.S. after its Australian launch.



3 Responses to Humans Not Cause For Global Warming

  1. bunkscience says:

    Go for it Ian Plimer and debunk this climate change orthodoxy that threatens our economic well-being, our human sense of self respect and place in the universe, and more importantly our children´s minds! Let the kids hope for their future instead of being burdened by this human-hating guilt promulgated by these 21st century inquisitors in disguise. Climate change orthodoxy is driven by the same old tired high priests that have attempted to control the masses since we crawled out of our caves. If they build their thought churches that they know have the power to control the masses, then the complicit governments of the age will throw money at them and permit them to pronounce from upon high whats good for the rest of us. Meanwhile they live in priviledge insulated from criticism. Sound familiar? I have carefully examined the arguments as a scientist and a geologist (those scientists who actually have a time perspective of nature) and found the majority of their arguments to be pure bunk… Spread the word and resist the climate change fundamentalists! Make them justify their arguments to us! If they can, then I will convert!

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  3. Very true that we must look at the history of the earth and all the universe to show us whats really going on here. Climate change is no reason to hate the Human Race.
    However never forget that our children, children’s children, and so on will have to live on this planet after we are gone, and keeping it as clean as we possibly can isn’t a bad Idea, regardless of the climate change.

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