Trinidad Major Security Lapse For Summit Of The Americas

The Trinidad and Tobago newspapers reported that there was a major security lapse during last weekend’s exercise for the upcoming Summit of the Americas in Port of Spain, and top officials are working to correct the errors.

The Guardian reported that the person playing the role of Belizean prime minister was taken to the wrong airport and left stranded in his aircraft for almost an hour. The incident has been described by senior officers as a “security threat”.

According to sources, the pilot said he was given instructions to land at the new airport (North Terminal) but when the plane touched down there were no local delegates there to welcome the “prime minister”.

After waiting for some time, police said, the pilot taxied the 202 Air Guard’s light aircraft towards the old airport (South Terminal). The officers placed the “PM” in their vehicle and drove along the inner perimeter of the airport towards the North Terminal, where he was handed to Special Branch Officers.

The incident caused much panic among the officers.

This was one of the several hiccups at Piarco International Airport as security officials conducted a second dry run exercise in preparation for the upcoming Summit of the Americas.

Scores of motorists called radio stations and complained of having to wait in the “scorching sun” for several hours while the exercise was in progress.



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