Mia No-Confidence Move Against Thompson

Opposition leader Mia Mottley says she will move a no-confidence motion against Prime Minister David Thompson this week in the House of Assembly over his handling of the CLICO situation.

 At a public meeting on Sunday night at the Southern Plaza Complex in Oistins, Christ Church, Mottley waved a document which she said proved that things at CLICO might not be as stable as suggested.

“We believe that the facts that have been displayed to us, both from the document which I have in contradiction to the statements which he made to the country on January 31, as well as a number of other facts that I laid out, they ought to form the basis of stating that we have no confidence.”

The Opposition Leader said: “I have said tonight that the one thing that would secure panic in this country is a Minister of Finance failing to take the people into his confidence.”

Earlier in the night she suggested that Thompson follow Trinidad’s lead. “If he does like the Trinidad government, tell the people the problem, face it and fix it, there will no panic, as there has been no panic in Trinidad.”

When asked if the motion was premature she responded: “A no-confidence motion is not determined by the length of time in Opposition; it is determined by the worthiness of the cause and the worthiness of the cause is the financial exposure and potential risk that exists that his Cabinet was informed about.”

Source: nationnews.com


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