LAPD Furious After Beaten Rihanna Photo Leaked

Los Angeles police have launched an official investigation into how a photograph allegedly showing a badly bruised Rihanna was leaked on the internet.

The shocking snap, which was posted on celebrity website, features a close-up of what appears to be the Umbrella singer with contusions on her forehead, a swollen nose and a bloody lip.
The injuries are said to relate to a reported fight between the singer and her boyfriend Chris Brown in the early hours of 8 February (09), which allegedly left her in need of hospital treatment.
Brown was charged with making criminal threats following the incident.

To see photo click here

L.A. police have refused to confirm the identity of the woman in the photo, but admit the picture was taken during a recent domestic violence investigation.
The Los Angeles police department (LAPD) has confirmed it will open an enquiry into how the picture of Brown’s alleged victim was leaked to the media. While there is no confirmation that the woman involved in the Chris Brown case is his former girlfriend Rihanna, the Roman numeral tattoo seen on the woman’s shoulder in the photograph concerned is identical to the Umbrella star’s.A police source close to the investigation into Brown’s arrest is quoted by E! News as saying the photo leaked online was taken close to the scene of the alleged attack in Hancock Park.

“There was another set taken at the hospital where the swelling is even worse,” the source added.

The law enforcement inside source is also quoted as claiming the fight began when Rihanna intercepted a text message to Brown’s mobile phone from another woman.

The Disturbia star is said to have told police that this wasn’t the first time Brown had been physically abusive towards her, but according to the police source, “she may have thrown the first punch” on this occasion.



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