Sports Minister Dr Suckoo Have No Problem With Women Beating Each Other Up!

Minister of Family, Youth Affairs and Sports - Dr Ester Bryer Suckoo,

This morning I went into a state of shock when I came across a particular news item that send me reading it  twice again. What de hell is Barbados coming to when our female sports minister can get up and endorsed women’s boxing? 

 As an elected representative of family and  youth, what blatant message is the Minister sending to our young females in this country? It is alright for females to be bashing each other in a fight even if sanctified? Isn’t there enough violence in this world than for the Minister to believe that putting in a bid to host a women championship here in Bim is a step in the right direction for the upliftment of  womenfolk here? The absurd explanation given is lost on me.

Emphasising the importance of the championships, Byer Suckoo said: “Our country has proven its capability as a host to world-class sporting events and we view this opportunity as a vital one toward further testing and strengthening our capacity and enhancing our global reputation.”

What global reputation are we enhancing? The dehumanization of women? Yuh mean we are know for that already!!! Good grief! and yuh want to popularized some more? Seriously, this appalling behaviour from our Minister is downright irresponsible and regrettable from a woman and a doctor no less who claims to have our youth best interests at heart! The voices of professionals voicing their concern of the increase of aggressiveness and violence among our youngsters especially our females, the brain injuries among male boxers, seems to have escape the attention of the Minister and/or rather ignored for the almighty dollar! Even if we were to give the dear doctor some benefit of the doubt of not coming up with the idea, the fact of the matter is that the lady will be winging her way to Italy on taxpayer’s monies to convinced a bunch of Neanderthals the benefits of hosting a women’s championship event ’bout hey.

It was back  in August we posted that the International leg of women’s boxing was proposing the idea of having the event on the 2012 Olympic ‘s calender. We also reported that  Joyce Bowen, committee chairperson of the local AIBA’s women’s committee readily supported it.

“We have every opportunity to get in there,” said Bowen, of Barbados. “We’re looking forward to it. The time has been there for a long while. We were just waiting, but we’ve been ready long enough.”

Seems like Miss Bowen or some other misguided person(s)  convinced Dr Suckoo  that hosting an event such as this will be the feather in the cap for Barbados? Of all the niche sporting events out there, this is the only one we can tap into? quote from a New York Times article of the increase exposure of brain injuries for women boxers.

The article suggests that the rapid growth of women in competitive boxing following the movie “Million Dollar Baby” (the one with Clint Eastwood training a female boxer) comes with increased risk of serious brain injury since they may not have had sufficient training and experience in learning how to avoid blows to the head. Female boxers are progressing through the ranks of novice to professional fighter without sufficient experience and training.

Of course inflicting head injury is the aim of boxing.  The American Medical Association, the American Academy of Neurology and the American Academy of Pediatrics of all called for a ban on boxing because of the serious risk of head injury and permanent brain damage.

The cumulative effect of receiving numerous blows to the head can result in permanent and significant brain damage.

As a female, Mrs Suckoo discredits herself as one not qualified to speak on women issues. As a doctor, Dr Suckoo is discrediting her profession for even contemplating such a disgraceful display of human brutality in its female form.


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