Restaurant Critic Michael Winner Endorse BTA Gourmet Card

The Barbados Tourism Authority (BTA) has launched the Gourmet Card, which offers savings of up to 25% on meals at participating restaurants across the Caribbean island.

Part of a promotional initiative to highlight the quality of cuisine available in Barbados, the card will be valid from 15 April to 14 December this year.

Reportedly endorsed by restaurant critic and newspaper columnist Michael Winner, the Gourmet Card can be ordered on its own dedicated website.

It will provide discounts at establishments including the Aqua Restaurant and Luigi’s on the south coast, Brown Sugar near Bridgetown and Daphne’s Barbados on the island’s western side.

Barbados covers an area of only 166 square miles but is home to more than 100 restaurants and is the only country of its size to be the subject of a dedicated Zagat guide.

Petra Roach, the BTA’s European vice-president of marketing, said: ‘We are tremendously excited about the Barbados Gourmet Card, which follows on from the success of Barbados being the only Zagat-rated Caribbean island, and we warmly thank Mr Winner for his fantastic endorsement.

‘We take food very seriously, which is why our small island has so much variety and choice.’

Source: Opodo Travel News

Hmmm, no upscale restaurants listed like Sandy Lane restaurants. Can’t risk more exposure like that now can we! But then again should a five star resort  demeanour  itself  further by offering a discount card?  BTW  folks,  the card is for locals too not just tourists.



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