Rihanna And Chris Brown Take The Next Step

What’s if the gigantic diamond ring Rihanna wore – on her ring finger, on her left hand – when she left London’s Movida club on New Year’s Day?

According to The UK’s Sun, Chris Brown, 20, proposed over the New Year as the couple performed at the O2 Arena. Rihanna, 19, was joined by Brown on stage at Elton John’s New Years Eve party. Her rep, of course, had no comment.

Rihanna has prompted speculation that she and boyfriend  Chris Brown are engaged after showing off a huge diamond ring on her wedding finger.

The couple began dating last Spring but even after several public displays of affection , repeatedly denied they were invovled . However, sources close to the pair say they’re very much in love – and Chris popped the question over the holidays.

A source explained: “They like to keep their relationship private but Rihanna  is very proud of her new ring and [on New Year’s Eve] she deliberately wore gloves that left it exposed.” But the source added the pair won’t be getting married in the immediate future: “They’re both too busy and both so young. They just see it as marking their intentions towards each other.”chrisrihanna


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