Owen At Pains To Attend Barbados Parliament

Barbados Parliament, the third oldest in the Western Hemisphere, is “poor-rakey”, says one of today’s longest serving members.  

Former Prime Minister and political leader of the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) Owen Arthur, who was first electedto represent St Peter in 1984, lamented “what Parliament had come to” on Sunday evening while addressinga meeting of his branch.

“I must tell you that in 25 years of parliamentary representation that the Parliament of today and the House of today is the mostpoor rakey Parliament in the history of Barbados,” he told party loyalists fillingthe Alma Parris Secondary School hall at Major Walk, Speightstown.

“I had the opportunity to serve in a Parliament with Tom Adams, Errol Barrow, Bernard St John, Henry Forde, Erskine Sandiford, Richie Haynes, Branford Taitt, Louis Tull, Johnny Cheltenham, some of the finest parliamentarians in thehistory of Barbados, andit is for me sometimes a strain to have to go to Parliament to see what is not there,” he saidto much laughter. 

Sexual orientation

“And I am not making lightof it because the Opposition is serving in Parliament . . . but this year our Parliament certainly plunged to new depths when the MP for the City [Patrick Todd] . . . used the floor of our Parliament to make an argument about his sexual orientation and [that] people should not only declare their assets in Parliament, as if he has any, but that people should use the Parliament of Barbados to make declarations about their sexual orientation.

“I’m not accustomed to our Parliament like this.Our Parliament plunged to new depths when a parliamentarian felt that he had the need to use the floor. . . to state that he was heterosexual,” Arthur asserted.

Restating his commitment to serve his constituents in “the parish of his birth”, he thanked everyone who helped him over the past year – his and the Barbados Labour Party’s first year in Opposition after a 14-year rule.

Arthur added: “I want to encourage the branch in the year 2009 to join me in helping to ensure that the people of St Peter are fully and properly represented.”

The party was ousted from power in the January 15 General Election when they garnered only ten of the 30 seats to the Democratic Labour Party’s 20.

Source: Nationnews


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