Sex In The City Gone Local

Would you rather a heterosexual politician that is crooked or a homosexual politician that is honest?

That and similar questions have been raised in response to parliamentarian Patrick Todd’s call for fellow Members of Parliament (MPs) to publicly declare their sexual orientation.

State preferences  

In the House of Assembly on Tuesday, Todd, who is Minister of State in the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development, said MPs should state if they were practising heterosexuals or homosexuals, so the public would not consider them as hypocrites.

“How does someone’s sexual orientation affect their ability to perform the task assigned to them in the workplace and what does it really matter . . . ? That is a very private and personal thing,” George Griffith, executive director of the Barbados Family Planning Association, said yesterday.

Veteran trade unionist Caswell Franklyn also joined the debate and said Todd’s comparing of an assets declaration to sexual orientation declaration was ridiculous.

“Comparing a declaration of assets to a declaration of one’s sexuality is ridiculous because personal assets can be gained through stealing and the public can build a strong case as taxpayers; but if a politician steals “piece” on the side from a girl or a fella, it is really nobody’s business,” he told WEEKEND NATION.

Todd’s call also sparked concern from within the church. Reverend Errington Massiah, rector of St Joseph’s Parish Church, said: “Sexuality is strictly something private to individuals and as long as someone declares, they stand to be ridiculed and it really can’t benefit the public. The situation is very much alive in Barbados but it has to be tackled differently.”

Will point fingers

Dr Beverley Lashley, of the Wesleyan Holiness Church, said: “What will happen is that people will point more fingers and the discrimination continues.

“As soon as someone declares his or her preference, all hell will break loose in this country but at the same time, Todd is accurate regarding the expectations and the example leaders must set, walking the straight and narrow.”

Source: Nation News


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