Mottley Responds To PM Thompson’s Challenge

Opposition Leader Mia Mottley has responded to Prime Minister David Thompson’s challenge.

In yesterday’s SATURDAY SUN, Thompson challenged the Opposition Leader to tell the public what exactly she has been hinting at, when she talked about the “alleged reason” why he, as Prime Minister, moved a minister from one portfolio to another in the recent Cabinet reshuffle.

Last night Mottley told the SUNDAY SUN:

“The PM ought to be acquainted with the context within which Minister [Denis] Lowe was reassigned. However, we are also aware that two weeks prior to Minister Lowe’s reassignment, both the chairman and deputy chairman resigned from the UDC Board.

“There was no public announcement of these resignations in spite of the Government’s commitment to transparency.

“I raised the matter on the floor of the House the Tuesday before the Cabinet reshuffle as all was clearly not well with the UDC being leaderless and the public unaware.

“The PM chose not to respond.

“This was against the context of the non-performance of Minister Lowe, which has been since supported by the text of his successor’s statement that he would achieve in two months what was not done in ten. That text was not mine, but Chris Sinckler’s.”

Two questions

Mottley also wanted the Prime Minister to answer two questions of her own:

“When will the unemployment statistics which are three weeks late be released?” she asked.

And, “when will the PM tell the public that he has appointed David Estwick as Minister of Economic Affairs in name only, since he has moved IADB, World Bank, CDB, European Union, Public Investment Unit and Planning (to name a few) to the Ministry of Finance and Investment?”

According to Mottley, Estwick has been left with a skeleton of Economic Affairs overseeing Statistics and Research and the Productivity Council.

Source: Nation news

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