Town And Country Blindness = West Coast Eyesore

Recent statements by former Prime Minister Sir Lloyd Eskine Sandiford concerning the monstrosities on the West coast one sees when driving on that stretch of road is just one in a line of criticism attributed to the popular vacation spot for the rich and famous.

Anyone not familiar with the history of the place would not fathom an area like that, nicknamed ‘The Platinum Coast’. Misguided Town and Country permission, lack of forward thinking and giddy with British pounds have given way to a concrete jungle lacking in artitechural flair and aesthetics for the area. Enabling an eyesore. One will think with such an expensive piece of real estate, the West Coast would be more idyllic. Something to be proud of and admire excessively by Barbadians. At last that is not to be. We may be offering the lastest amenities to the high end market but the fact of the matter is that some of those high end visitors may just be turn off as the West Coast does not look pleasing to the eye. Hence lost of revenue to another Caribbean island or elsewhere.

Is the eyesore worth it when compared to more exotic destinations?


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