Bajan Woman Became Stranded In Nigeria For 45 Years By Conman

Meet Gwendolyn Joseph. An octogenarian of 87 years. A Barbadian who left these shores 45 years ago to persue her dreams as a  nurse and render humanitarian works in community health and missionary work in developing countries.

And so begins her story.

“I am from Barbados in the West Indies. My parents were very rich. My father, Joseph Hackett, was a Salvador in the West Indies. I tell you, my parents were really wealthy and Barbados is a small but beautiful country.”

“I told my mom that I wanted to be a nurse so that I could care for people. I also said I would not marry because if I did, I would not be able to cater for people,” she said.

Speaking to a reporter from Nigeria newspaper, Punch, Miss Joseph described how she was tricked into giving over her life savings to a swindler. One can see the track record of Nigerians conning people goes wayyyyyyyyyy back.

“I actually wanted to go to Kenya because my grand-parents were working there as missionaries,” she said. “The man met me in London and told me that lots of missionary works were going on in Nigeria and that white missionaries were on ground. He said I could join them, but it would require heavy funding. I returned to Barbados to gather more money,” she said.

Besides her personal savings, she also mustered what she could from the fortune her late father left behind and handed everything over to the man. “I did not know that he was looking for money to build a family house in Ibadan,” she said.

Joseph therefore left her family, friends and acquaintances in Barbados and Britain in 1963 and came to Nigeria. But what she thought was dream come true became a nightmare.

“I was so disappointed when I got to Ibadan and discovered that there were no missionaries on ground. The man was a rogue. What surprised me was that he pretended that he was a Christian.”

Granted she was gullible. Granted she had a soft heart which made her a prime target for the Yorubaman.

Her life’s saving and her share of her father inheritance went to building a house for the man’s family instead . But Gwendolyn found out the hard way. Conmen will say and do anything to rob you blind.

“Why are they like that? I have also discovered that Nigerians like money a lot. Where are they carrying it to? Tell me,” she queried.

Tell me about it. I haven’t receive any spam from them lately but I promised to post some emails from these dubious characters who always have a sorry tale to tell. And to think we are planning on forging links with Nigeria in relation to airlifts and tourism???????. Well, well, well. But hey folks, not to worry, as grandma will say, God does take care of he own. Such is the position with Gwendolyn. She hasn’t seen Barbados since leaving here four decades ago but hey she still remember her brith place as being beautiful. Plus her nieces/ nephews call her once in a while to see how their dear aunt is doing.

Asked where she would like to be buried when she passes on, she replied, “Only God knows.”



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