$10billion Damages In Cuba

Cuba has suffered almost $10 billion in damages from the three hurricanes that struck the island this year, President Raul Castro said in a report aired on Tuesday on state-run television.

He made his comments during a visit on Monday to Camaguey province, where officials said 8,000 homes were damaged when Hurricane Paloma struck over the weekend, the report said.

“We’re almost getting to $10 billion in losses in the last three months, that’s how the economy is,” Castro said.

Paloma followed hurricanes Gustav and Ike, which struck 10 days apart in late August and early September and caused destruction across much of the island. Officials said almost 450,000 homes were damaged by the storms.

Initial damage estimates from the first two storms totaled $5 billion but officials have been raising the number in recent days.

Former leader Fidel Castro, who led Cuba for 49 years before his brother Raul replaced him as president in February, wrote in a column on Friday there were $8 billion in damages from Gustav and Ike.

Raul Castro, dressed in military clothes, went to Camaguey a day after Paloma spun itself out over Cuba after coming ashore on Saturday with 195 km per hour winds.

One of the towns he visited, Santa Cruz del Sur, was the hardest hit by Paloma, which struck almost 76 years to the day after a Nov. 9, 1932 hurricane killed 3,000 people in the same town.

Source: The Star Online


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